Fillip's Vancouver Launch: Wednesday, March 28, 7-9pm


The Fillip Reivew Launches its 5 issue!

Vancouver Launch: Wednesday, March 28, 7-9pm

Brickhouse, 730 Main Street

This event is held in conjunction with Artspeak and Arsenal Pulp Press and their release of Vancouver Art & Economies edited by Melanie O'Brian with essays by Clint Burnham, Randy Lee Cutler, Tim Lee, Sadira Rodrigues, Marina Roy, Sharla Sava, Reid Shier, Shepherd Steiner and Michael Turner.

Issue Five Content

Our latest issue features Christian L. Frock's essay on the ascension of the global star curator From (Starry Eyed) Vision to Nail and Robert Eikmeyer's interview with Slavoj Žižek entitled The Day After. Kathleen Ritter reports from Bucharest on the conference Regimes of Representation which took up questions concerning the recent conversion of the Ceausescu-built state palace into the new Romanian parliament building-cum-state art gallery.

As always, Fillip regards its international exhibition reviews as feature content: Joseph Mosconi peels away the layers of the Aurie Ramirez exhibition at the Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles; Clint Burnham sifts through the videos of Eric Van Lieshout at the Boijmans Museum Rotterdam; Jessie Birch and Nicholas Brown pair up to access the twin Jeremy Deller exhibitions held in Toronto; Colleen Brown interprets Geoffrey Farmer's new project at the Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver; Michael Eddy identifies the key issues of artistic anonymity in Anonym at the Schirn Kunstalle Frankfurt; Nate Lippens compares two Alex Schweder installations in Seattle; Sara Mameni considers the implications of cybernetics and the recent Kristin Lucas show at the Or Gallery, Vancouver; Liz Bruchet takes a look at Carlos Amorales at the Museo de Arte Latinamericano de Buenos Aires; and Patrik Andersson considers the recent passing of Pontus Hulten.

Cheryl Meszaros performs a reading of two new new Jean-Luc Nancy books in relation to a video installation by Ruth Beer; while Aaron Peck questions the uptake of spatial strategies in Did Someone Say Participate?: An Atlas Of Spatial Practice.

Three new artist projects have been especially commissioned for this issue: Charles Gute's Super Curators!, a work from Germaine Koh's ongoing text archive, and Matilda Aslizadeh's Scourge of the Beast-With-Two-Backs.