Gallery Tour by Courtenay Philbrick

Storefront for Art and Architecture

[Wood-Paneled front, looks as if it were a boarded up building.]

On Mock-ups: Video Exhibition

Part II: Come to Israel: It’s Hot and Wet and We Have the Humus

8 April—19 April 2008

Video works by Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir and Yossi Atia & Itamar Rose, Curated by Joshua Simon

Atia & Rose in Tel Aviv as fictional characters interviewing Israelis they meet on the street, take on the issue of the Israeli relationship with race, gender and sexuality. Sela & Amir cover internet dating sites, S&M services, and prostitution, exhibiting the playfulness of the Tel Aviv underground nightlife. For both duos costumes and characters are plentiful.


[Hidden in an apartment building on the ground floor, two rooms, stone floor.]

Matt Connors: Enjambment

13 March—20 April 2008

Most pieces can be defined by their bold (yet muted) colors and rough strokes. Geometrical, simple. The individual paintings are small compared to the large space. Bold yellow wall in the side room is a unique contrast to the stone floor.

Salon 94

[In Freeman’s alley, big glass door with purple handles—really cool.]

Amy Bessone: With Friends Like These…

10 April – 23 May 2008

Bessone’s paintings are large in scale and have an almost sinister air. The characters are cartoonish and have a glossy look. A particular piece that stood out is of a woman with a cape resembling butterfly wings. It is theatrical, elegant, and bizarre.

Museum 52

[Two levels, typical white box gallery.]

Frank Selby: We Weren’t Never Here

27 March- 26 April 2008

Selby uses transparent paper and oddly arranged text to create an intellectually dramatic effect on certain pieces. The drawings shown are on the same transparent paper using black ink that creates thick drips and smudges. A notable piece was a spider web that had an eerie feel because of the drippings. There are several photographs of wooded scenes and civil war photos that seem simple and natural from a distance but are surprisingly crisp up close.

Rivington Arms

[In what appears to be a house, complete with gate and buzzer to ring for entrance.]

Brendan Fowler: last Disaster / first BARR

9 April- 19 April 2008

Fowler’s work on display consists of mostly large framed pieces of white paper with hastily painted words sprawled across at odd angles. Together the collection of what seems to be lyrics speak of writing songs. There are also several deconstructed concert fliers with “canceled” stamped across them.