Issue 9
200.00 USD

Issue 9

Catching All the Art Thieves

Curated projects by:

Alexis Vaillant “Seeking Answers to the Documentary” Tendency with Jeremy Deller, Mathieu Laurette, Joe Scanlan, Pierre Hutghe, and Hinrich Sachs

Cecilia de Medeiros “Love for Sale”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: Part 5

Adriaan van der Have & Rafael von Uslar “Evil Camouflage” (yet another example of the abuse of warlike techniques for peacetime pastime activities)

Marcel Dzama “Untitled Drawings” 1998 Root Beer ink + white paper

Lisa Kereszi “Drinking”

Alex Gloor “Flyers Blah Blah Gloor” (Palladium Palladium)

Review by:

Ronald DeLegge, Roy Exley, Paul O’Kane, Layla Lozano, Paolina Weber, Laurel Broughton, Kenny Schachter, Sergio Bessa