Issue 10
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Issue 10

Harkening the Oddity

Nuar Alsadir “8 Poets Making It New” with Elizabeth Hildreth, Jonah Winter, Nancy Nalven, Rebecca Wolff, Greg Fuchs, Kathryn Maris, Mark Bibbins, Walid Bitar

Olaf Nicolai “Samples”

Chris Brick & Alex Gloor “Smylonylon” (the ‘90s were coming into perspective for us)

Juan Gomez “Share”

Kerry Kugelman “Caveat” (a trope for the litigious ambiance of public life)

Klaus Biesenbach, Alanna Heiss, Barbara Vanderlinden (PS1) “Generation Z” with Anna Gaskell, Koo Jeong-a, Elke Krystufek, Stephen Hendee, Lionel Esteve, Brett Cook-Dizney, and more

Ellen Jong “BLT”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: Part 6

ANP “This Flight Is Tonight” with Scott Hug, Lisa Beck, Lucky DeBellevue, Victor & Rolf, Janine Gordon, Jimi Dams, and more

Mel Mendelsohn “That Mysterious Land Beyond the Passes of the North . . . the Back of the Beyond” from Kim (1901)

Reviews by:
Maura Reilly, Sergio Bessa, Laurel Broughton, Stuart Nicholson, Christopher Ho, Roy Exley