Issue 11
200.00 USD

Issue 11

Very Special Dreams

Curated projects by:

AsFOUR “Ignore This”

Bob Seng “Exit”

Grant Watson “Haptics: Great Moments in Performance Art Drawn by Nuno Miquel Duarte Branco Lopes”

Josephine Soughan & Simon Pentleton “I Don’t Understand What All the Fuss Is About”

Kenneth Goldsmith & AS Bessa “6799” (exchanging email)

Luis Macias “First World Member” produced by Noe Suro, Mexico, ‘94

Sebastiaan Bremer & Pieter Woudt “3D” with Fia Backstrom, Saeri Kiritani, Kelly Lamb, Rob de Mar, Serge Onnen, and more

Sputnik “Thoughtscape: Inspire.Inform.Evolve”

The Royal Art Lodge “Christmas Story”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: Part 7

Review by:
Luis Macias, Spencer Finch, Kenny Schachter, Jeanne Marie Wasilik, Jeanne Siegel, Brian Glick, Paul Steketee, Skyler Moore