Issue 12
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Issue 12

AF Robbins “Meadowland: Symbiosis at Its Best” (their knowledge of cows is based on personal profit)

Argus Ivy “4/4” interviews

Jane Gang “Live Drawings: 1998-1999”

Mark Tribe / Marisa Newman “Email Performance” (latter-day mail art)

Orfi “Endless Horizon”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: Part 8

SD Katz “Sensory Overload” (light-shows of the ‘60s before Nixon bid us farewell)

Simon Periton / Pauline Daly “What’s Mine Is Yours and What’s Yours Is Mine”

Sylvain Flanagan “Winter Rage”

Tracy Nakayama

Reviews by:

AS Bessa, Christopher K Ho, Alex McGregor, Daniele Balice Milan, Kai Bauer, Matthew Hoyt, Laurel Broughton, Brian Glick