Issue 14
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Issue 14

The Fact That It Is Indomitable

Curated projects by:

AsFOUR the first in zingmagazine’s poster series

CODA Chuihua Judy Chung & Sze Tsung Leoong (Three Houses)

Dave Hickey spills all with Sari Carel

Ester Partegas “No Se Si Tu Sientes Lo Mismo Pero”

Giasco Bertoli “15 Love”

Lawrence Seward “Drawing from a Meandering Pencil”

Paul Ramirez Jonas “100”

Pauline Daly “Fashion Turn to the Right”

Richard Agerbeek, Alex Kress, Leja Kress “Sweden”

Simon Henwood/Mary Barone “Billboard Portraits”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: Part 10 (the continuing saga)

Olav Westphalen “Play, Play I Say” and other drawings

Reviews by:

Jeanne Siegel, Brian McDonald, Joseph Nechvatal, AS Bessa, Ana Honigman, Angus Ivy, Christoper Ho, AF Robbins, Laurel Broughton