Issue 15
200.00 USD

Issue 15

Arbiters of Taste

Curated Projects by:

Amy Gartrell “Alive and Dead” (so much easier to admire)

Avikal Alexander Gebhard “Kumbha-Mela”

Giasco Bertoli second in the zingmagazine poster series

Hans Winkler “Forgotten Architecture of Hunting Stands in Bavaria” (things to kill ducks with)

Jane Hart “Hollywood 101: Deconstructing Tinseltown”

Momoyo Torimitsu “Somehow I Don’t Feel Comfortable” (dead bunnies)

Rainer Ganahl “Seminars/Lectures (s/l)”

Sam Hecht/Mary Barone “Under a Fiver” (cheap products as picked by design impresario)

Sarah Staton “A Sample from the ‘Tru Blue Jeans’ Series”

Thomas Rayfiel Lutwidge Finch: The Conclusion

Reviews by:

Gilbert Alter-Gilbert (aka someone in the Royal Art Lodge), Traj 1, Sari Carel, Laurel Broughton, Duncan McLaren, Carl Skelton, Brian McDonald