Issue 16
200.00 USD

Issue 16

Curated projects by:

Aesthetics zingmagazine’s first music CD

David Brady/Mark Sink “Victoria’s Secret”

James Fuentes with text by Carlo McCormick “History of Alleged Galleries”

Kenny Schachter/Vito Acconci “Preliminary Proposal for Kenny Schachter Gallery” (latest rants and raves)

Lisa Kereszi “Night Light” (roadtripping it)

Patricia Cronin “Classified”

Paul Ramírez Jonas “Magellan’s Itinerary”

Serge Onnen “Volume” 3rd zingmagazine book

Sico Carlier & Ben Laloua “Persistence of Memory” (Amanda Lear bares all)

Vik Muniz “Pictures of Air”

William Pope L “The Martin Luther King Distribution Project”

Yeondoo Jung “Evergreen Tower” (family portraits from Korea)


Lockwood Smith, John Richey, Jade Doskow, AS Bessa, Laurel Broughton, Sari Carel, Liz Deschenes, Gregory Volk, Matthew Ritchie, Emily Tsingou, Sabine Russ, Judith Findlay, Spencer Finch