Issue 17
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Issue 17

The Installation of Digital TV

Curated projects by:

Angus Hood “Now Known as 15th, 1st, 2nd”

Brian Alfred “Why I Don’t Leave the House”

Dr Ben Satterfield “America’s Game” (dissecting Wheel of Fortune)

General Assembly zingmagazine’s 3rd CD

Giasco Bertoli “In a Year of 13 Moons”

Lee Stoetzel “Accidental Tourism”

Luis Macias “Blue Rage”

Ester Partegas “Detours (some days I feel so worthless)” zingmagazine’s 3rd Poster

Mike Lohr “Semiliquid”

Omar Lopez-Chahoud “French Cooking” with James Yamada, Adam Putnam, Jill Henderson, John Espinosa, Laura Watt, and more

Sam Hecht/Mary Barone “Fashion Computations” (a computer you could use like a torch, and others)

Serge Onnen “Sanitary Park” (where everything is clean and perfect)

Steven Severance “Antigone” zingmagazine’s 5th book

Todd Hido/Melanie Flood “Roaming”

Reviews by:

Ben Lefebvre, Ana Honigman, Joao Paulo-Ribas, Adrian George, Alison Green, Eric Susyne, Joseph Nechvatal, Roy Exley, Dan Adler, Tito Ortiz