Issue 18
200.00 USD

Issue 18

La Fiesta Grande

Curated projects by:

Ana Finel Honigman “Fulsome Chattiness/Biting Cattiness” (satire after William Hogarth)

Andrew Coulter Enright/Tynt Press “Life Like a Mixtape”

Antelman/Drivas “GPS (Global Positioning System)” (sincerely, your car)

Drazen Bosnjak “Sustained Vinyl Mutation”

Faile “Faile”

Jovi Schnell “Drift”

Madeleine Hoffman/Rainer Judd “101 Spring Street”

Matt Murphy “Portfolio: drawings, photos, ideation, and product” (zingmagazine’s 1st edition bag designed by Matt Murphy comes with the special edition of issue #18)

Oneil Edwards/Satoru Eguchi “Off-Ramp”

Paul Ramirez Jonas “A-M-N-E-S-I-A”

The Royal Art Lodge “A Christmas Story”

Simon Watson/Scenic “The German Connection” (the Hort’s collection)

Valentin Valhonrat “The Face of Love”

Zac Posen/Mary Barone “Paper Dolls”

Reviews by:

James Westcott, AS Bessa, Ryan Holmberg, Despina Zeykili, Sari Carel, Nicole Rudick, Shelley F Marlow, Emily Kuger, Laura Richard Janku