Issue 19
200.00 USD

Issue 19

Curated projects by:

Andrew Kuo “Stadium”

Christian Schumann “Selections from the Hall of Records”

George Philip/Oneil Edwards “Architecture Has Nothing to Do With the ‘Styles’”

Gerardo Mosquera/Adrienne Samos “ciudadMULTIPLEcity”

Giasco Bertoli “30 All”

Harrison Haynes “Mobile Acres”

Siri Kuptamethee “Indigo People”

James Fuentes/AFA “American Fine Arts: If Culture Means Anything”

Jay Stuckey “Airplanes and Mummies”

Karin Davie “Pushed, Pulled, Depleted, & Duplicated”

Lawrence Seward “Drawings Bad Good”

Marisa Aragona “Sunday”

Max Ruback “Monsters” (fiction)

Rainer Ganahl “Iraq Dialogs” (painted on ceramic tiles)

Wim Delvoye “Gothic”

Reviews by:
Sabine Heinlein, Patrick Billard, Toby Zinman, Joseph Nechvatal, Efi Strousa, Roy Exley, Kim Hodge, Aaron Reed, Jon Wagner, Lee Stoetzel