Cynthia Daignault opens at 6 Decades Books, 265 Canal St, #210, btw Broadway and Lafayette, 6-8pm

assume vivid astro focus opens at Suzanne Geiss, 76 Grand St, btw Greene and Wooster, 6-9pm



Anicka Yi opens at 47 Canal, 47 Canal St, 2nd Fl, at Orchard, 6-8pm

Linda Simpson screens at Participant Inc, 253 E Houston St, btw Stanton and Houston, 8:30pm, $8



Future Memory opens at Mayson Gallery, 254 Broome St, btw Orchard and Ludlow, 6-8pm

Sandro Chia opens at Steven Harvey, 208 Forsyth St, btw Forsyth and Eldridge, 6-8pm



The Biographical Illusion at Artists Space Books & Talks, 55 Walker St, btw Church and Broadway, 7pm

Lebbeus Woods and Len Lye open at The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster St, btw Grand and Broome, 6-8pm



Jon Plasse opens at Bosi Contemporary, 48 Orchard St, btw Hester and Grand, 6-9pm

Heidi Bucher opens at Alexander Gray, 508 W 26th St, #215, btw 10th and 11th, 6-8pm



Brendan Fernandes, curated by Jess Wilcox and Wendy Vogel, opens at Abrons Art Center, 466 Grand St, btw Pitt and Willett, 6:30-9pm



Grimanesa Amoros opens at Art In Buildings, 125 Maiden Ln, btw Pearl and Water, 7-9pm



Coding the Body, curated by Leah Buechley, opens at apexart, 291 Church St, btw Walker and White, 6-8pm

Richard Barnet opens at William Holman, 65 Ludlow St, btw Grand and Broome, 6-8pm



Drawing on Difference, curated by Lidija Slavkovic and Saul Ostrow, opens at Studio Vendome, 330 Spring St, btw Washington and Greenwich, 6-9pm



Beth Krebs opens at Station Independent Projects, 164 Suffolk St, at Stanton, 6-9pm



Matthew Pillsbury opens at Sasha Wolf, 70 Orchard St, btw Grand and Broome, 6-8pm

Vienna Complex, curated by Cosima Rainer, opens at Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52nd St, btw Madison and 5th, 6-8pm


Red Grooms opens at Marborough Broome Street, 331 Broome St, btw Bowery and Chrystie, 6-8pm

Carolina Raquel Antich opens at Lynch Tham, 175 Rivington St, btw Clinton and Attorney, 6-8pm



Ned Colclough opens at Nicelle Beauchene, 327 Broome St, btw Bowery and Chrystie, 6-8pm

Margaret Lee opens at Jack Hanley, 327 Broome St, btw Bowery and Chrystie, 6-8pm



Marta Jovanovic opens at BOSI Contemporary, 48 Orchard St, btw Hester and Grand, 6-9pm

Deborah Brown opens at Lesley Heller, 54 Orchard St, btw Hester and Grand, 6-8pm



Erica Fertman and Nick Hornby open at 124 Maiden Lane, at Water, 5:30-7:30pm

Chus Martinez lectures at Hunter College MFA Campus, 205 Hudson St, 2nd Fl, at Canal, 7:30pm

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