Weird Womb, The Dardys, and Dutch Bats perform at Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St, btw Stanton and Rivington, 8pm, $7

Selebrities, Psychic Twin, Softspot, and Celeste perform at 285 Kent Ave, btw S 1st and S 2nd, Brooklyn, 8pm, $10



Coterie opens at Munch Gallery, 245 Broome St, btw Orchard and Ludlow, 6-9pm

Stiven Luka and Geo Wyeth perform at Louis B James, 143B Orchard St, at Rivington, 7pm



Matthew Miller opens at Pocket Utopia, 191 Henry St, btw Clinton and Jefferson, 6-9pm



Permutation 03.x book launch at P!, 334 Broome St, btw Chrystie and Bowery, 5-7pm

A History of Cambodian Art discussion at Tally Beck, 42 Rivington, btw Forsyth and Eldridge, 6-9pm



Lightness of Being opens at City Hall Park, Broadway and Chambers, 5:30-6:30pm,



Neons: Calla Henkel, Max Pitegoff, & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy at Artists Space, 38 Greene St, btw Grand and Broome, 7pm



Acid Summer, curated by Matthew Craven, opens at DCKT, 21 Orchard St, btw Canal and Hester, 6-8pm

Yard Sale and Matinee open at Lesley Heller, 54 Orchard St, btw Hester and Grand, 6-8pm



El Verano opens at gallery onetwentyeight, 128 Rivington St, at Norfolk, 6-8pm

One Night Stands: Samoa, Carmelita Tropicana, and Karen Finley at Participant Inc, 253 E Houston St, btw Norfolk and Suffolk, 7pm



Diana Puntar opens at Blackston, 29C Ludlow St, btw Canal and Hester, 6-8pm

Papercut Press, curated by m. craig, opens at Strange Loop, 27 Orchard St, btw Canal and Hester, 6-8pm



Jackie Gendel and Michael Jones McKean open at Horton Gallery, 55-59 Chrystie St, btw Canal and HEster, 7-9pm



Mnemosyne Atlas launch at ICI Curatorial Hub, 401 Broadway, Ste 1620, at Walker, 6:30-8pm,

The Layer Behind, curated by Laura Tack and Marie Van Eersel, opens at Con Artist, 119 Ludlow St, btw Rivington and Delancey, 8pm



Illuminators opens at O.K. Harris, 383 W Broadway, btw Broome and Spring, 5-7pm

The Lonely Sea and The Sky opens at Allegra LaViola, 179 E Broadway, btw Rutgers and Clinton, 6-8pm



Elektra KB opens at Allegra LaViola, 179 E Broadway, btw Rutgers and Jefferson, 6-8pm

Grid Modorcea opens at Dacia Gallery, 53 Stanton St, btw Eldridge and Forsyth, 6-8pm



<laughter>, organized by Kari Cwynar, opens at apexart, 291 Church St, btw Walker and White, 6-8pm

Genius of Love, curated by Jason Stopa, opens at Brian Morris, 163 Chrystie St, btw Delancey and Rivington, 6-8pm



Matthew Jensen screens at Third Streaming, 10 Greene St, 2nd Fl, btw Canal and Grand, 7pm, 8pm

Scott Zieher opens at Charles Bank, 196 Bowery, btw Spring and Prince, 6-9pm

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