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wednesdaydecember13 through tuesdaydecember19


Attic, organized by Erin Somerville, opens at Anton Kern, 532 W 20th St, btw 10th and 11th, 6-8pm

wednesdaydecember6 through tuesdaydecember12


Alejandra Villasmil and D Dominick Lombardi open at Repetti, 44-02 23rd St at 44th Ave, LIC, 6-9pm

wednesdaynovember29 through tuesdaydecember5


A dachsund in Times Square - 1950's Happy Thanksgiving from zingmagazine!

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*So many openings this week, we're sending zingrecs in parts. Look out for Monday and Tuesday on Friday.

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*So many openings this week, we're sending zingrecs in parts. Look out for Friday-Sunday on Thursday.

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