Duncan Campbell screens at Artists Space, 55 Walker St, btw Church and Broadway, 7-10pm

Bastien Aubry/Dimitri Broquard and Linus Bill/Adrien Horni, curated by Gianna Jetzer, open at Swiss Institute, 18 Wooster St, btw Canal and Grand, 6-8pm



Jeremy Willis, Marshall Korshak, and Stephanie Dodes open at Allegra LaViola, 179 E Broadway, btw Jefferson and Rutgers, 6-9pm



Hea Jin Ko opens at Con Artist, 157 Suffolk St, btw Houston and Stanton, 8pm

Aaron Mattocks and Rebecca Davis perform at Exit Art, 475 10th Ave, at 36th, 5pm



Alejandro Prieto opens at Y Gallery, 165 Orchard St, btw Stanton and Rivington, 6-9pm

Jonathan Alpeyrie opens at Anastasia Photo, 166 Orchard St, btw Stanton and Rivington, 6:30-8:30pm



The Graduate and The Graduate XXX screen at apexart, 291 Church St, btw Walker and White, 6:30pm



A Photography Show, curated by Jordan Sullivan, opens at Clic Gallery, 255 Centre St, at Broome, 6-8pm



Consent, curated by Lynsey G, opens at apexart, 291 Church St, btw Walker and White, 6-8pm

25 Years – Anniversary Show: Part 2 opens at gallery onetwentyeight, 128 Rivington St, at Norfolk, 6-8pm



Na Yingyu artist talk at Location One, 26 Greene St, btw Grand and Canal, 7pm

Peter Tunney opens at Clic, 255 Centre St, at Broome, 6-10pm



Michael Mahalchick opens at CANADA, 55 Chrystie St, btw Hester and Canal, 6-8pm

Claudia Trombin opens at Dacia Gallery, 53 Stanton St, at Eldridge, 6-10pm



Josh Melnick book release at Art in General, 79 Walker St, btw Lafayette and Broadway, 7-10pm

Ramiro opens at Orchard Windows Gallery, 37 Orchard St, at Hester, 6-9pm



Mark Feary lectures at apexart, 291 Church St, btw Walker and White, 6:30-8pm

Norman Mooney opens at Waterhouse and Dodd, 104 Greene St, btw Prince and Spring, 6-8pm



Chris Jones and Thomas Bangsted open at Marc Straus, 299 Grand St, btw Eldridge and Allen, 6-8pm



Material, curated by Duro Olowu, opens at Salon 94, 1 Freeman Alley, 6-8pm

Roger Hiorns artist talk at Public Art Fund (The New School), 66 W 12th St, btw 5th and 6th, 6:30pm, $10


Lothar Osterburg and The Herd Remorse, curated by Lenore Malen, open at Lesley Heller, 54 Orchard St, btw Grand and Hester, 6-8pm



PAJ 100: Panel Discussion on ‘Being Contemporary’ at Location One, 26 Greene St, btw Canal and Grand, 7-9pm

Sandro Kopp opens at Lehmann Maupin, 201 Chrystie St, at Stanton, 6-8pm

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