Michael Eastman and Virginia Lee Hunter, RULE Gallery, July 20, 2007

Michael Eastman and Virginia Lee Hunter, RULE Gallery, Opening Reception July 20th, 227 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203, Showing Friday July 20 - September 1, 2007, Open Tuesday-Saturday 11 to 5. Both Michael Eastman and Virginia Lee Hunter explore American culture through an investigation of landscape. Given that the current political landscape is stretched, perhaps uncomfortably, between traditionalism and multiculturalism, questions of individual identity and global American identity, Eastman and Hunter confront the paradoxes uniquely, using the camera lens to document rather than critique. “The American Landscape,” a series by Michael Eastman, captures breathtaking vistas including the open Wyoming skies, the Rocky Mountains, the Utah desert, and an old house in the expansive west. Michael Eastman mimics Ansel Adams’ awe inspiring scenes that are infinite in space and depth. Eastman’s photos contain rich colors and contrasting tones that are painterly, suggesting melancholy as well as rapture. There are exciting incongruities between the natural and the unreal. The green of the trees transforms into rolling, blanketed shapes. Dark purple clouds linger hauntingly in the skies. I did find the images to be somewhat stereotypical, picturesque American landscapes. Perhaps landscape photography produces redundancy of image, though in the case of Eastman, his photos are strangely piercing and evocative. “Carny: Americana on the Midway,” a project by Virginia Lee Hunter, commenced in 1996. The project centers on the marginalized: capturing the gypsy-like community to explore the American conception of “freak,” “criminal” and “lowlife.” These photos, in black and white and color consist of portraits of carnival employees and enthusiasts alike. Hunter captures the political and aesthetic position of “carny” as a corporeal part of the landscape, most poignantly in, “Carny’s Tattoo,” (C-Print, 1989). What is so urgent about Hunter’s work is that it portrays the two-sided aspect of an American carnival: nostalgic memories of kitsch and cotton candy; and the vibrant nomads who live and die against the backdrop of the carnival. Visit www.virginaleehunter.com for more information on the book and documentary film.

zing went out (and this is what we saw)


Brooklyn Super Hero Supply

372 Fifth Ave

Brooklyn NY 11215


zing went out (and this is what we saw)


Chris Yormick 

Jesus with Scarf  

fabric and collage

25 " x 34 " 

zing went out (and this is what we saw)


Taxter and Spengemenn: The Final Run Ins and Blockbuster Summer

303 Gallery: Three for Society


David Thorpe
My Besieged Self is My Glory!
oil on paper
35 x 25 1/2 inches
DT 011


Metro Pictures: Yuri Masnyj: The Night’s Still Young

Gagosian 24th St: Summer Show

Feature Inc: John: Scapes

Bellwether: 07/08

zing went out (and this is what we saw)

7/9 – 7/13

Tuesday, 7/10

Yvon Lambert: Mario Testino: At Home

Anna Kustera: The Black Market

Wednesday, 7/11

Yancey Richardson: Easy Rider

GBE @ Passerby: Patrickmcmullan.com

Thursday, 7/12

Mixed Greens: Road Trip

John Connelly Presents: Late Liberties

Wallspace: The Land of Time and the Plane of Now

Foxy Production: Solar Set

Friday 7/13

Tobey Fine Art: Subspecies

V&A: In Watermelon Sugar

THE FOURTH FILMMAKERS RECEPTION: Anthology Film Archive, July 4th, 2007




Wednesday, July 4th

32 2nd Ave at 2nd St 

6pm and 7pm


Take a break from our films and join us for some wine & beer to celebrate the holiday:



Jon Hirschmugl                       Y PENSEZ-VOUS! (2007, 8 minutes, video)

Ana Hurka-Robles  WASTED LIFE: THE MUSICAL (2006, 8 minutes, video)

Jon Ermler                               PUMPING THE PIOUS (2006, 30 minutes, video)

The Unholy Battle Of Christian Bands



Rami Fischler                         THE CHANGING MAN (2006, 3 minutes, video)

Australian Animation

Catherine McRae                    DO YOU BELIEVE IN RAPTURE (2006, 4 minutes, video)

Sonic Youth live at CBGB

Stephen Taylor                        THE END OF NEW MUSIC (2007, 50 minutes, video)

The Free Speech Zone Collective 2005 Tour

Craig Parish                            MORNING THEFT: SKETCHES OF SCOTTIE (2006, 35 minutes, video)

The life and times of cult musician Jeff Buckley with family pictures and rare performance videos


Colour Before Color, curated by Martin Parr, at Hasted Hunt, June 7, opening reception June 22nd

"Muñeca," 1968 by Carlos Pérez Siquier

"Butlin's Ayr: Lounge Bar and Indoor Heated Pool (Ground Level)," 1970's, by John Hinde


"Ready Mixed Concrete LTD, Leeds," 1977 by Peter Mitchell