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zing #21 reviewed on Print Fetish

Weighing over two pounds and containing over three-hundred pages of original, curated work, zingmagazine is an under-appreciated epic.
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Devon Dikeou curates "Unwrapping the Wing"

Characterized as a "curatorial crossing", this big fat US art mag freeze-frames one of the most significant culture industries in the world. It's stuffed with ads, reproductions of original work, reviews, listings, interviews, and personal commentary.
i-D, Steve Beard

Periodically Speaking Reading Series

zingmagazine: The artist Devon Dikeou's quarterly magazine calls itself a "curatorial crossing" taking its cue from Artforum to present artists' projects on the page.
The New York Times, Julia Szabo

Thank you for putting out a unique magazine.
Jesper Elg, V1 Gallery

Review of Jasper Who?

Everything is possible as long as both Big and zingmagazine (American conceptual, artistic, fashionable publications) are prominently displayed on the coffee table.

Megazines at Visionaire Gallery

Paved with 250 pages, zing is the most artistic of the American magazines.
NOVA Magazine, Hot Guide


Artist Organized Art likes Zingmagazine because it only comes out when it wants to. It has no need to bow to any periodic release schedule. This issue is thoughtful, edgy as always, and elegant. No borders, no boundaries, no reviews. 28 curatorial projects flow seamlessly from one to the next, layed out with over 300 pages of quality print. This is the biggest and best issue I've seen Devon put out yet.
Artist Organized Art
Review of zing #21 by Erika Knerr

After a lengthy absence, in which our lives did seem slightly less full, Zingmagazine returns with a brand-spankin' new volume! And what do they have included with his issue? Not just a CD, but a cassette tape! Retro-revolutionary!
Atomic Books

DietOut Launch at Whole Foods Bowery

zingmagazine looks really, really great. I'm impressed, really I am . . . an excellent job. Groovy. Fierce.
Frieze, Gregor Muir

CLMP Magathon at the New York Public Library

A friend showed me some of your recommendations, and they are GREAT! It's so hard to find out where to go and what to see in New York, there's just so much!
Eliza Starbuck

I just discovered zingmagazine in my neighborhood magazine shop, what a nice surprise. It's great to find a magazine that's truly interesting, beautifully designed, and fat.
Baron Boisanté Editions, Mark Baron

Hipsters dig 'zines like Big, Very, zing, Nest, and aRude -- an alphabet soup of stylishly out-there magazines, peeking out of Vuitton totes coast to coast.

zingmagazine may not be on every newsstand out there but it’s well worth hunting for.
Dazed and Confused

7th Edition of Design Basics
by David A Lauer and Stephen Pentak, coming soon