Editor’s Note

Like all things difficult, first comes shock, followed
by complete and utter sadness, the inevitable why,
then weirdly and slowly realization, not at all
tempered by the inset of memory, and maybe somewhere,
although it hasn’t happened yet, acceptance. I suppose
this is “death” and death is the most difficult thing.

Things happen, completely out of control, somehow
there doesn’t seem to be a god. Where is the
responsibility? What could have been done to safeguard
tragedy? Questions dog even those remotely acquainted.
Why? Time has no remorse, almost. Or begrudgingly
makes even a few days, much less moments, seem
different. Without-ness sets in. Honor. How do we
honor the ones we love, we care for? We want legacy to
endure and to somehow make lost ones memory not be
simply a supplement, but a pure addition to their

Since the last issue, two exceptional
individuals/contributors to issue #20 have lost their
lives. Both young and completely inspiring
individuals, they left us long before giving us the
full breadth of their creative and ultimately
scorching spirit.

I mention these two contributors here, specifically
not in any order. Luis Miguel Suro. Romain Columbe.
And now I speak to them.
Both of you, you young angel

s carry forth. You give us
peace through your work. Thank You. Thank you for
letting us celebrate your beauty, your love, your
humanity, your thoughts, your work, your penultimate
generosity. Those that know you, and those who you
reach even now, are only just beginning to appreciate
your worth.

Devon Dikeou
It is not my practice to speak of
contributors/projects in the editor’s note.