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Romain has always dedicated himself to music. When he was a teenager, Romain had several guitars he was really proud of and, like most young skaters, he was playing in an indie band. He was a poor musician and was a bad singer, but we also knew he had a special feel for music.

Music was his thing and a big part of his life.
Music was his way of giving, because he was generous and sensitive.
Music was a way of sharing things with his friends and others, because he cared about people and didn’t need to talk to express his feelings.
For Romain, music was a way of enjoying life and making it more beautiful.

With no money and no experience, he and his friends relied on their brains and their determination to get people together for parties, exhibitions, and gigs. Everybody remembers those evenings as a lot of fun. That was how it started.

At 28 he was still an indie kid: army jacket, CBGB t-shirt, skateboarding backpack, jeans, the same black and white Adidas, a beard, and a lot of style. A dose of humour, an immense kindness, a sparkling spirit and an eternal discrete smile gave him an amaizing charisma.

He listened to everything from Opera to emo, alternative folk, ‘70’s bands, punk or experimental songs. Anything, as long as it rocked.

His first real job in music—at Limonade—was to distribute and promote independant record labels because he was not a man of concessions and believed more than anything in the value of freedom.
Later, he created several compilations, a musical accompaniment for an exhibition, a musical environment for a hotel and scheduled (in two weeks) dozens of parties for a major website.

Recently, he began managing the musician Wendy Code and did his best to bring him success, sometimes working constantly for days when he saw a good opportunity. Again, this was because he cared and never gave up on those he believed in. For him, working in music was always about friendship.

Last fall, he met the duo DeadSexy. Very quickly they decided to work together on a project called We Had a Dream.... With them, he founded a company, Let Me Drive…—a name he thought of a long time ago. He always wanted to be the one who drives—cars, motorcycles or friends. He led people down exciting roads, and he wanted to go really far, careful about every detail, because he had a sense of doing everything the best way.

He was a gifted person who made things happen without a fuss.

This compilation was conceived more than a year ago.
Today, there is a buzz around these bands and their albums are out.
Apparently, his choices were sharp.

He was an artist. He was a musician. His instrument was his heart. His music sheet was his friends.
This could be it.

01 syd matters – black & white eyes
syd matters
third side records / rockumentary publishing
(with the authorization of v2 music)
02 wendy code – darky party... at the party (5:00am)
chris maccotta – scott charron
let me drive
03 the married monk – pretty lads
christian quermalet / christian quermalet, philippe lebruman
ici d’ailleurs / ici d’ailleurs, droits réservés
04 british hawaii – she’s gonna save my life
julien gaulier / julien gaulier, marc robin, julien garnier
05 ltno – teenage dust
ehb / ehb, david husser, stephan gens, syd ogy
emmanuel hubaut
06 park – seventeen
mi-yung park & françois pavan
park / chrysalis music
volvox music
07 temple temple – bring your passion
david ivar herman dune / david ivar herman dune, etienne greibe, nicolas galina
08 sebastien schuller – weeping willow
sebastien schuller, kristina funkenson / sebastien schuller
sebastien schuller / warner chappel music france
(with the authorization of catalogue)
09 porcelain – zemporary
françois barriet / françois barriet, nicolas levasseur, yvan le guenec, jérémie prod’homme
10 los chicros – los guedros
m.warsky / p.monthaye
(p) los chicros / y.arnaud / twinfizzrecords – los chicros
pôle nord production
11 the nicotines - i don’t even know
henrik orrling / martin karison, audrey pic, frederik berglind-dehlin, filip ekander
the nicotines / emergences
12 the dead sexy inc - afterhours
emmanuel hubaut / stéphane herve
13 i love ufo – you’ll never know
i love ufo –
14 animal machine – pariah pt2
15 fancy – king of the world
jessie chaton, mohamed yamani, ramon pavez
options –
16 liquid architecture – obey
jérôme sans, audrey mascina , emmanuel hubaut , stéphane herve
liquide architecture / discograph
+ 17 specials ghosts :
the electronic spy – poupée de nuit
blue bones – what about love