issue 22

miami release

december 2011


space: LESTERS


all photos by

Barbara Anastacio





Managing Editor Brandon Johnson with Zan Goodman and Candice Ralph

Adam Gildar of Illiterate Gallery

Camille Obering of Camille Obering Art Advisory wearing a Dzine longhorn nail

Lawrence and friends

Steve and Cindy Johnson with Zan Goodman

Jane Gang, Walter Robinson, and Devon Dikeou

LESTER'S owner Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson of Gallery Diet

Artist/Coolcat Marc Bijl

Walter Robinson, Zach Feuer, and Devon Dikeou

Let the games begin: Gallery vs Press

Gallery up first

Brandon sees one in, Gallery looks unimpressed

Devon toes the line

Walter is poised and confident

Does Zach know something we don't know?

It's all in the follow-through

Hey Walter, we need a double bulls to win. Got it in you?

Game results inconclusive. Being press has its privileges…