issue 22

new york release

january 2012


space: 83 Grand


all photos by

Barbara Anastacio




#22 gets the royal treatment

Veintidos leches

Meet the chef: Charito Travez

DJ Aaron Pfenning aka Rewards

From Left: Jonathan Calm, Roy McMakin, Misaki Kawai, Justin Waldron, and Joyce Manalo

CD curator Sascha Peterfreund

Enoc and Carol Perez, Devon Dikeou, and Philippe Jarry

Lucky DeBellevue and Fernando Troya

Zan Goodman, Bela Borsodi, and Erica Kahr

Justin Waldron and Misaki Kawai

Brandon Johnson and Philippe Jarry

Lionel Guzman has interesting dreams

What's a party without kissing?

Anya Kielar and Zan Goodman

What do you say, Anthony Haden-Guest?

Team Chandelier stays clean; Johannes Vanderbeek is amused.

These ladies are living in the lap of luxury

Gage/Clemenceau represents!

Barbara and Lester Goodman

Michael Scanlon and Sarah King of Chandelier Creative

Rachel Cole Dalamangas and Brandon Johnson

Hey guys, how's the cake?

It's not a party till Anthony cuts some rug

Lionel has to have it