X-mas 1999



zingmagazine offices


DJ: Perry + Smith



Brooklyn Brewrey

Kremly Vodka



all photos by

Lisa Kereszi



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Fondling Baby Jesus, plastic rocks

I'm looking for something, mad money, drugs, or condoms

I've got a Picasso on my head, and I've got well a halo . . .well maybe not.

Push Push in the bush

Lisa Hein and ...

Bob Seng, curator of "Exit" issue #11

This damn wire thing is giving me a headache and making my hair look like a bad hair day

Honey are you sure it's going to be 2000, cause IÕm getting all these weird looks, confides Mette to hubby, Robert Chambers

You too? I thought I was the only one who pronounced Hubba Hubba as Hooba Hooba admits a bashful Paul Ramírez Johnas

Anybody seen my stylis?

I love your mullet, Claudia Matzko whispers to Ester Partegás, where did you get it done?

Morrissey of the Smith, or cartoonist Sean Kelly

Zingmagazine unsolicited submissions

As I was saying, have you got a connection for barrettes? Luis Macias asks Jenny from Artnets

There is a pizza coming . . . I think.

You're the barrette connection? You found me out

I am talking to this woman, and I've got two hats on. Am I Rocky, or Bullwinkle, publicist Valerie Sheilds wonders

No Brooke, I don't think the exercise bike would make me feel less tired

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