curator's notes


Michael Corris is an artist, art critic, and independent art curator, living in Euope.

Donald Fergusson is a writer living in Los Angeles and New York. His forthcoming work In the Land of Milk and Honey is excerpted here.

Susan Robinson resids in Los Angeles and is currently working as a writer and video filmmkaer. She has completed coursework at U.S.C. in the Film, Literature, and Culture Doctoral Program.

Kenny Schachter independently curates art exhibtions, and is an artist who lives in New York.

Amy Sillman is an artist living in Brooklyn.

Gordon Tapper is a writer living in New YOrk and working on a dissertation at Columbia University on the poetry of Hart Crane.

Gregory Volk is a writer art critic living in New York.

Eddy Webb's design firm FORMAT practices in Los Angeles.