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Nuar Alsadir has received fellowships from Yaddo, The MacDowell Colony, and The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. Her Poems have appeared in many journals, including Grand Street, The Kenyon Review, The Women’s Review of Books, and Tin House. Her section in this issue displays the range of new work being written by contemporary poets.

Olaf Nicolai is an artist who lives in Berlin and New York.

Chris Brick was born in London and grew up in South Wales. He moved to NYC in ‘98 where he now resides with his wife and two children.

Alex Gloor was born in Basel, Switzerland where he went to the Kunstgewerbschule Basel (School of Art). He moved to NYC in ‘84 where he now resides with his bad photocopier.

Juan Gomez received his BFA with honors from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in ‘98. He has exhibited at Art in General, Audiello Fine Arts, and Lombard Fried Fine Arts.

Kerry Kugelman is a symbiotic parasite feeding on an overweeningly large media company on the Left Coast. With Excrement that passes for beautiful paintings, this curator assures his place in the SoCal~LoCal art food chain.

PS 1 The collaborative curatorial efforts of Alanna Heiss, PS 1 Contemporary Art Center director,

Klaus Biesenbach, senior curator of PS 1, and director of Kunst-Werke Berlin, and Barbara Vanderlinden, Belgian freelance curator and writer, have produced a three-headed beast ready to devour. PS 1 continues its patronage of the art world’s contemporary Brat Pack with the exhibition of “Generation Z”. Harboring artists from Bratislava to Kyoto “Generation Z” contrasts the positive attitudes of the current, and somewhat pre-pubescent artists to the apathy and burnout of the late ‘80s Generation X-ers. This exhibition has proven that although the Gen Z-ers are anxious and willing, none of their output is premature.

Ellen Jong is a young photographer who continues to hide and seek for what it means to sneak a peek. She lives and works out of Brooklyn, past the White Castle, and thru the sea of 99¢ stores. You may reach her at klooki@hotmail.com.

Thomas Rayfiel’ s book, Colony Girl, is published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

ANP Jimi Dams is an artist and independent curator based in New York and Antwerp. His work has been shown internationally. He is founder and director of ANP, an international art agency that promotes young artists. He is curre8ntly organizing ANP’s exhibition tour which is a collaboration between international galleries and not-for-profit organizations.

Mel Mendelsohn is a father of five, and currently retired. He has just completed a novel called The Back of Beyond, which has its first chapter published in this issue of zingmagazine. Mel Mendelsohn has been a high school principal, a superintendent of schools, a drug trafficker, and a travel agent.