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Alban Berg Lulu (von Dohnányi), Alban Berg Lulu Suite, Alban Berg Lulu Suite etc., Alban Berg Lyric Suite for String Quartet, Alban Berg Wozzeck (Mitropoulous), Arthur Berger and Stefan Wolpe Five Pieces for Piano etc., Borah Bergman A New Frontier, Bergman Borgman & Brötzmann Ride Into the Blue, Carlo Bergonzi Operatic Recital, Berimbau Camafeu de Oxossi, Mario Berini Operatic and Song Recital, Luciano Berio Berio Conducts Berio, Luciano Berio Chorale, Luciano Berio Folk Songs, Luciano Berio Nones etc., Luciano Berio Passaggio - Visage, Luciano Berio Recital 1 (For Cathy), Luciano Berio Recital I for Cathy / Folk Songs, Luciano Berio Sequenzas (Complete), Luciano Berio Sequenza III & VII, Luciano Berio Sinfonia, Luciano Berio The Female Prisoner, Luciano Berio The Many Voices of Luciano Berio, Luciano Berio Visage etc., Luciano Berio Voci, Irving Berlin Blue Skies, Lazar Berman Plays Liszt, James Bernard Biomechanical Breakdown, Elmer Bernstein The Music from Marlboro Country, Stephen Jesse Bernstein Prison, Leonard Bernstein What is Jazz, Chuck Berry After School Session, Chuck Berry Chuck Berry is On Top, Chuck Berry New Juke Box Hits, Chuck Berry On Stage, Chuck Berry Rockin’ at the Hops, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley Two Great Guitars, Harry Bertoia Unfolding, Harry Bertoia Sonambient—Here and Now / Unknown, Harry Bertoia Sonambient—Swift Sounds / Phosphorescence, Gabriella Besanzoni Contralto, Bettie Serveert Lamprey, Bettie Serveert Palomine, Deben Bhattacharya Music on the Desert Road, Biafran Freedom Fighters Igba Na Egwu Ndi Biafra Ji Na Anu Agha, Big Bad John Dear Ivan, Big Black Songs About Fucking, Big City Orchestra Beatlerape, Big City Orchestra Greatest Hits and Testones, Big City Orchestra The Four Cassettes of the Apocalypse, Big Star #1 Record, Big Star #1 Record / Radio City, Big Star Third/ Sister Lovers, Big Youth Screaming Target, Big Youth The Chanting Dread Inna Fine Style, Bigga Earth People, Greetje Bijma Tales of a Voice, Philip Kent Bimstein Garland Hirschi’s Cows, Bingo Gazingo Bingo Gazingo, Soula Birbili Sings, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Faultline, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Magnetic Flip, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic The Fossil Record, Idil Biret New Line Piano, The Birthday Party The Idle Race, John Bischoff The Glass Hand, Georges Bizet Carmen (Bernstein), Georges Bizet Carmen (Prętre), Georges Bizet Carmen (Solti), Georges Bizet Symphony in C, Jussi Björling His Last Performance, Jussi Björling 1911-1960, Jussi Bjorling The Art of Jussi Bjorling, Jussi Bjorling The Beloved Bjoerling, Jussi Björling The Early Swedish Recordings, Black Box Dreamland, The Black Earth Percussion Group Various Artists, Black Flag Damaged, Black Nasty Talking to the People, Black Sabbath Master of Reality, Black Sabbath Paranoid, Black Sabbath Sabotage, Black Uhuru Anthem, Black Uhuru Brutal Dub, Robert Black State of the Bass, Blackbyrds Unfinished Business, Blacklight Braille Songs for the Longhaired Suns, Blake Babies Earwig, Blake Babies Sunburn, Art Blakey With Thelonious Monk, Bobby Blue Bland Ain’t Nothing You Can Do, Bobby Blue Bland Here’s the Man!!!, Bobby Blue Bland That’s the Way Love Is, Bobby Blue Bland The Soul of the Man, Bobby Blue Bland Two Steps from the Blues, Blaster Bates Lift-Off!, The Blasters The Blasters, Theo Bleckmann and Janice Brenner Mars Cantata, Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder No Boat, Theo Bleckmann and Kirk Nurock Looking-Glass River, Carla Bley Dinner Music, Carla Bley Escalator Over the Hill, Carla Bley Heavy Heart, Carla Bley Live!, Carla Bley Musique Mechanique, Carla Bley Social Studies, Blind Boy Fuller Truckin My Blues Away, Blind Faith Blind Faith, Blind Lemon Jefferson Blind Lemon Jefferson, Marc Blitzstein The Cradle Will Rock, Blond-Blond Trésors de la Chanson Judéo-Arabe, Blondie Parallel Lines, Jaap Blonk Flux-de-Bouche, Jaap Blonk Vocalor, Blood Sweat & Tears Blood Sweat & Tears, Blowfly Disco, Blowfly On T.V., Blowfly X-Rated, Blue Aquarius Blue Aquarius, Blue Cheer Good Times Are So Hard to Find, Blues Magoos Electric Comic Book, Willie Bobo A New Dimension, Willie Bobo Feelin’ So Good, Willie Bobo Uno Dos Tres, Carole Bogard Settings of Verlaine Poems, Humphrey Bogart Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Adam Bohman Music and Words, Marc Bolan Prehistoric, Marc Bolan The Interview, Allesandro Bonci and Dino Borgiloli Tenors, Bryce Bond Common Sense Philosophy, Luiz Bonfás Brazilian Guitar, Bonig / Gillman Greatest Hits, Boogie Down Productions By All Means Necessary, Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded, Boogie Down Productions Edutainment, Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music, Boogie Down Productions Live Hardcore World Wide, Boogie Down Productions Sex and Violence, Booker T. and The M.G.’s Green Onions, Booker T. and The M.G.’s Soul Limbo, Booker T. and The M.G.’s The Best Of, Ken Boothe “Mr.” Boothe, Boo-Yaa Tribe New Funky Nation, David Borden Places Times & People, Boredoms B.O.R.E., Boredoms Chocolate Synthesizer, Boredoms Pop Tatari, Boredoms Super Roots, Boredoms Super Roots 6, Mark Borthwick Holland, The Boswell Sisters On the Air, Ned Bouhalassa Aérosol, Pierre Boulez Domaines, Pierre Boulez Improvisation No. 2, Pierre Boulez Le Marteau Sans Maître, Pierre Boulez Pli Selon Pli, Pierre Boulez Répons, Pierre Boulez Sonates 1 2 et 3 pour piano, Rae Bourbon Ladies of Burlesque, Dennis Bovell Audio Active, Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy, Bow Wow Wow See Jungle! See Jungle!, Jimmy Bowen Jimmy Bowen, David Bowie Aladdin Sane, David Bowie Changes One, David Bowie Let’s Dance, David Bowie Lodger, David Bowie Low, David Bowie Stage, David Bowie The Man Who $old The World, David Bowie Tonight, David Bowie Ziggy Stardust, Lester Bowie Avant Pop, Lester Bowie I Only Have Eyes for You, Lester Bowie The Great Pretender, Paul Bowles Baptism of Solitude, Paul Bowles Black Star at the Point of Darkness, The Box Tops The Letter Neon Rainbow, Edith Hillman Boxhill Music Therapy with the Developmentally Handicapped, Malcolm Boyd Are You Running With Me Jesus?, Tim Brady Revolutionary Songs, Billy Bragg Help Save the Youth of America, Billy Bragg The Peel Sessions, Billy Bragg Workers Playtime, The Bran Flakes Hey Won’t Somebody Come and Play?, Glenn Branca Lesson No. 1, Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1, Glenn Branca Symphony No. 2, Glenn Branca Symphony No. 3, The Brand New Heavies BrotherSister, The Brand New Heavies Heavy Rhyme Experience, The Brand New Heavies The Brand New Heavies, Brand Nubian One for All, Max Brand In Memoriam, Nathaniel Branden Love and Sex, Nathaniel Branden Problems in the Area of Sex, Henry Brant 80 Trombones and 30 Basses, Henry Brant Kingdom Come, Henry Brant Litany of Tides, Henry Brant Orbits, Henry Brant Orbits / Western Springs / Hieroglyphics 3, Henry Brant Symphony No. 1, Georges Brassens Georges Brassens, Brast Burn Debon, Walter Braunfels Die Vögel, Richard Brautigan Listening to Richard Brautigan, Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra Music 1976, Anthony Braxton Five Pieces 1975, Anthony Braxton New York Fall 1974, Anthony Braxton Seven Compositions 1978, Anthony Braxton 3 Record Set, Anthony Braxton Trio and Duet, Brazilia ‘67 Mas Que Nada, Bertolt Brecht A “Man’s” A Man, Bertolt Brecht Before the Committee on Un-American Activities, Bertolt Brecht The Elephant Calf, Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman Death Defying Radio Stunts, The Breeders Pod, Jacques Brel 4, Jacques Brel 5, Frank Bretschneider Komet.Manhattan, Harry Breuer Mallet Mischief, The Brice Method Vocal Production Exercises, The Brides of Funkenstein Funk or Walk, The Brides of Funkenstein Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy, Ester Brinkmann IIIII.I, Johnny Bristol Hang On In There Baby, Benjamin Britten Curlew River, Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes, Benjamin Britten Paul Bunyan, Benjamin Britten Peter Grimes, Benjamin Britten The Prince of the Pagodas, Benjamin Britten The Turn of the Screw, Aldo Brizzi The Labyrinth Trial, Timothy Brock Berlin, Timothy Brock Faust, The Brooklyn Philharmonic Plays Foss Picker & Blitzstein, Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill Broonzy, The Brothers Johnson Blam!!, Caspar Brötzmann Koksofen, Peter Brötzmann Live in Wuppertal, Leo Brouwer Contemporaneos 3, Bobby Brown Dance!, Charles Brown Drifting Blues, Charles Brown Race Track Blues, Charles Brown Sunny Road, Chris Brown Duets, Earle Brown Music for Piano(s), Earle Brown Times Five etc., Elaine Brown Seize the Time!, Foxy Brown My Kind of Girl, H. Rap Brown SNCC’s Rap, Hazel P. Brown Speechphone Method American Speech Sounds and Rhythms, James Brown Ain’t That A Groove, James Brown Black Caesar, James Brown Hell, James Brown Hey America, James Brown Hot, James Brown Hot Pants, James Brown In The Jungle Groove, James Brown Live at the Apollo Volume II, James Brown Motherlode, James Brown Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, James Brown Plays the Real Thing, James Brown Prisoner of Love, James Brown Roots of a Revolution, James Brown Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud, James Brown Sings Out of Sight, James Brown Soul Classics, James Brown Soul on Top, James Brown Star Time, James Brown Star Time: Disc 1 - Mr. Dynamite, James Brown Star Time: Disc 2 - The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, James Brown Star Time: Disc 3 - Soul Brother No. 1, James Brown Star Time: Disc 4 - The Godfather of Soul, James Brown The Apollo Theater Vol. 1, James Brown The Federal Years Part Two, James Brown The Payback, James Brown There It Is, James Brown 30 Golden Hits, James Brown Today Disco Soul, Maxine Brown The Fabulous Sound of Maxine Brown, Jackson Browne Saturate Before Using, Brownsville Station A Night on the Town, Brownsville Station Yeah!, Dave Brubeck Summit Sessions, Lenny Bruce Interviews of Our Times, Lenny Bruce Live at the Curran Theater, Lenny Bruce The Best Of, Lenny Bruce The Law Language and Lenny Bruce, Lenny Bruce To Is A Preposition, Come is a Verb, Lenny Bruce Togetherness, Neely Bruce The Plague, Anton Bruhin InOut, Ray Brunelle Let’s All Go To Hell!, Allan Bryant Space Techno, Allan Bryant Spaceball, Gavin Bryars After the Requiem, Gavin Bryars Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet, Gavin Bryars The Sinking of the Titanic, Gavin Bryars Three Viennese Dances, Jeff Buckley Grace, Jeff Buckley Live at Sin-E, Tim Buckley Blue Afternoon, Tim Buckley Dream Letter Live in London, Tim Buckley Goodbye and Hello, Tim Buckley Greetings from L.A., Tim Buckley Happy Sad, Tim Buckley Lorca, Tim Buckley Sefronia, Tim Buckley Starsailor, Tim Buckley Tim Buckley, Thomas Buckner Inner Journey, Budapest Ragtime Band Elite Syncopations, Harold Budd Abandoned Cities, Harold Budd She is a Phantom, Harold Budd and Brian Eno The Pearl, Budd Fraser Guthrie & Raymonde The Moon and the Melodies, The Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield, The Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again, The Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around, The Buffalo Springfield Retrospective, The Buggs The Beatle Beat, Charles Bukowski Bukowski Reads His Poetry, Eric Burdon Love Is, Anthony Burgess Reads from A Clockwork Orange, Craig Burk Codes of Abstract Conduct, Craig Burk Out to the Various Edges, Craig Burk Text for Song and Voices, Chris Burke Idioglossia, Solomon Burke I Have A Dream, Solomon Burke I Wish I Knew, Solomon Burke Rock ‘n Soul, Solomon Burke The Best of Solomon Burke, Sasha Burland and Mason Adams In Our Own Image, Johnny Burnette Tear it Up, Burning Spear Garvey’s Ghost, Burning Spear Hail Him, Burning Spear Man in the Hills, Burning Spear Marcus Garvey, Burning Spear Resistance, Burns & Schreiber Pure B.S.!, George Burns A Musical Trip with George Burns, George Burns George Burns Sings, William S. Burroughs Break Through in Gray Room, William S. Burroughs The Best of William Burroughs from Giorno Poetry Systems, Matthew Burtner Portals of Distortion, Ernst Busch Lieder der Arbeiterklasse 1917-1933, Bush Tetras Rituals, Sylvano Bussotti Bergkristall, Jerry Butler Greatest Hits, Butthole Surfers Live PCPPEP, Butthole Surfers Rembrandt Pussyhorse, Butthole Surfers The Hurdy Gurdy Man, Buzzcocks Live at the Roxy Club April 77, Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady, The Byrds Cruising Altitude, The Byrds Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde, The Byrds Fifth Dimension, The Byrds Final Approach, The Byrds Full Throttle, The Byrds The Notorious Byrd Brothers, The Byrds Untitled, The Byrds We Have Ignition, The Byrds Younger Than Yesterday, David Byrne The Catherine Wheel, David Byrne The Knee Plays, Hwang Byungki Kayagum Masterpieces, Cactuscrackling Cactuscrackling, John Cage At Summerstage, John Cage Cheap Imitation, John Cage Chorals / Cheap Imitation, John Cage Complete Piano Music Vol. 2, John Cage Complete String Quartets 1, John Cage Concerto for Prepared Piano and Orchestra, John Cage Daughters of the Lonesome Isle, John Cage Diary: How to Improve the World (You will only make Matters worse), John Cage Europera 5, John Cage Europeras 3 & 4, John Cage Freeman Etudes, John Cage Freeman Etudes I-VIII, John Cage Freeman Etudes Books Three and Four, John Cage Imaginary Landscapes, John Cage Indeterminacy, John Cage Litany for the Whale, John Cage Music for Keyboard 1935-1948, John Cage Music for Merce Cunningham, John Cage Music for Trombone, John Cage Music for..., John Cage Music of Changes, John Cage One6, John Cage Roaratorio, John Cage Singing Through, John Cage 16 Dances, John Cage Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano, John Cage The Barton Workshop Plays John Cage, John Cage The Complete String Quartets Vol. 2, John Cage The Lost Works, John Cage The Number Pieces 1, John Cage The Perilous Night / Four Walls, John Cage The Piano Concertos, John Cage The Piano Works 2, John Cage The Seasons