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Doggett Dame Dreaming with Bill Doggett, Bill Doggett Dance Awhile, Bill Doggett Doggett Beat, Bill Doggett His Organ and Combo, Bill Doggett The Band with the Beat!, DogPoundFound Sound Bad Radio Dog Massacre, Paul Dolden L’ivresse de la vitesse, Paul Dolden The Threshold of Deafening Silence, Eric Dolphy In Europe Vol. 3, Dome Dome 2, Domingo & Giulini Gala Opera Concert, Dominick Dominick, Dominick Ready for Dominick, Fats Domino Get Away with Fats Domino, Fats Domino Let the Four Winds Blow, Fats Domino Sings, Fats Domino Swings, Antoine “Fats” Domino The Legendary Imperial Recordings Disc 4, Antoine “Fats” Domino The Legendary Imperial Recordings Disc 1, Antoine “Fats” Domino The Legendary Imperial Recordings Disc 2, The Dominoes Sea of Glass, Don and Dewey They’re Rockin’ ‘til Midnight Rollin’ ‘til Dawn!, Donnisulana Per Agata, Donovan A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, Donovan Barabajagal, Donovan Catch the Wind, Donovan Essence to Essence, Donovan Fairytale, Donovan Greatest Hits, Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man, Donovan Like It Is, Donovan Mellow Yellow, Donovan Sunshine Superman, The Doors Morrison Hotel, The Doors Strange Days, The Doors The Doors, The Doors Waiting for the Sun, Lee Dorsey Working in the Coalmine, Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra The Standards, Dos Dos, Dose Hermanos Live, Earle Doud Sounds / Funny, François Douris Le Disque Bruitiste, Peter Downsborough From, Arthur Doyle Plays & Sings from the Songbook Vol. 1, Dr. Demento Delights, Dr. John Dr. John’s Gumbo, Dr. John Gris-Gris, Dr. Seuss Bartholomew and the Oobleck / Yertle the Turtle, Dr. Seuss Fox in Sox / Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo / Sleep Book, Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat Songbook, Dr. Seuss The Sneetches / Horton Hatches the Egg, Dragon Blue Hades Park, Nick Drake Bryter Layter, Nick Drake Five Leaves Left, Nick Drake Pink Moon, Nick Drake Time of No Reply, The Dramatics Dramatically Yours, The Dream Warriors And Now The Legacy Begins, Paul Dresher Casa Vecchia, Paul Dresher Night Songs, Arnold Dreyblatt Animal Magnetism, Arnold Dreyblatt The Sound of One String, The Drifters Their Greatest Recordings: The Early Years, Don Drummond Greatest Hits, Curd Duca Elevator, Marcel Duchamp Music of Marcel Duchamp, William Duckworth Southern Harmony, Dave Dudley One More Mile, Dave Dudley Sings, The Dukes of Stratosphere Psonic Psunspot, Dumb Type S/N, Iancu Dumitrescu Bouly Diffusion, Iancu Dumitrescu Iancu Dumitrescu, Iancu Dumitrescu Musique Action, Tan Dun Bitter Love, Tan Dun Nine Songs, Tan Dun Out of Peking Opera, Tan Dun Symphony 1997, Judy Dunaway Balloon Music, Richard Dunlap Ode to the Sistrum, David Dunn Music Language and Environment, Duotron Duotron vs. Tom Smith, Nancy Dupree and Rochester Youngsters Ghetto Reality, Jimmy Durante Club Durante, Jimmy Durante In Person, Jimmy Durante Inka Dinka Doo, Jimmy Durante The Very Best of Jimmy Durante, Ian Dury Do It Yourself, Ian Dury Laughter, Ian Dury New Boots and Panties!!, Henri Dutilleux Sonate, Antonín Dvorak Great Men of Music, Antonín Dvorak Slavonic Dances, Dr. Scott Dworkin Stressfree@your.compotuer, The Dylan Group & Him, The Dylan Group It’s All About, The Dylan Group Reinterpreted, Bob Dylan Another Side of Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan Basement Tapes, Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan Desire, Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. II, Bob Dylan Hard Rain, Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisted, Bob Dylan John Birch Society Blues, Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding, Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline, Bob Dylan New Morning, Bob Dylan Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Bob Dylan Planet Waves, Bob Dylan Shot of Love, Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming, Bob Dylan Stealin, Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin’, Dzigan et Szumacher Dzigan et Szumacher, E.A.R. Millennium Noise, Earth Wind & Fire The Best Of, The East Buffalo Media Association Enj Ambient, The East Buffalo Media Association Sea, Eat Your Spinach!, John Eaton Mass etc., John Eaton Microtonal Fantasy, Duane Eddy Especially for You, Duane Eddy The “Twangs” the “Thang”, Cliff Edwards I Want A Girl, Jackie Edwards Reggae Sun, Egg Civil Surface, Leo Eide Whistling Virtuoso, 8 Eyed Spy 8 Eyed Spy, 801 Live, FM Einheit [sen’seifn de0], Einstürzende Nuebaten Faustmusik, Hanns Eisler Die Mutter, Hanns Eisler Dokumente, Hanns Eisler East German Revolution, Hanns Eisler Historiche Aufnahmen, Hanns Eisler Kassette, Hanns Eisler Woodburry-Liederbüchlein, Hanns Eisler & Bertolt Brecht Collaboration, Ekseption Ekseption, El Chicano This is El Chicano, El Chicano Viva!, The Electric Prunes Mass in F Minor, The Electric Prunes Underground, The Electronic Concept Orchestra Moog Groove, Leif Elggren Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem, T.S. Eliot Reading Poems and Choruses, Duke Ellington Baggin’ In Brass, Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts, Duke Ellington Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club, Duke Ellington Ellington Indigios, Duke Ellington 4 Symphonic Works, Duke Ellington Jazz Party, Duke Ellington Liberian Suite, Duke Ellington Masterpieces by Ellington, Duke Ellington Music By Duke Ellington and Others, Duke Ellington Side By Side, Duke Ellington Solos Duets and Trios, Duke Ellington The Blanton-Webster Band, Duke Ellington The Far East Suite, Anton Ellis Sunday Coming, Anton Ellis The Best Of, Shirley Ellis The Name Game, Ahmed El-Motassen An American Fantasy, Hana El-Safi Mawed El Habayeb, Charles Embree Room at the Bottom, Emotional Problems in Women, Engines With Accents Sounds of the Steam Age, Jocelyn Engle So You Want to Improve Your Speech, The English Beat I Just Can’t Stop It, The English Beat What is The English Beat?, Brian Eno Ambient 4, Brian Eno Ambient 2, Brian Eno Another Green World, Brian Eno Before and After Science, Brian Eno Here Come the Warm Jets, Brian Eno Music for Films, Brian Eno Taking Tiger Mountain, Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon, Brian Eno and Byrne David My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Roger Eno and Kate St. John The Familiar, Rolf Enström Directions, Entourage Music & Theater Ensemble The Neptune Collection, John Entwistle Smash Your Head Against the Wall, Halim El Eoumi Halim El Eoumi, EPMD Strictly Business, Jean Erdman The Coach With the Six Insides, Eric B. & Rakim Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em, Erotic Sounds, Erotica Bedspring Symphony, Lee Erwin Sound of Silents, ESG ESG, Sam Esh Montezuma Baby Duck, Esquerita Vintage Voola, Essential Music Ten Years of Essential Music, Sleepy John Estes 1929-1940, Don Evans Don Evans, Gil Evans Svengali, Merle Evans Circus Spectacular, Betty Everett and The Impressions Betty Everett and The Impressions, Evol Principio, Exiles Exiles 1, The Exotic Guitars Play Country Music, Yamantaka Eye and Dekoboko Hajime Nani Nani, The Eyesores May You Dine on Weeds Made Bitter by the Piss of Drunkards, Mohammed El Ezzabi Mohammed El Ezzabi, Sarah Webster Fabio Soul Ain’t: Soul Is, Jean-Luc Fafchamps Attrition, John Fahey Blind Joe Death Volume 1, John Fahey Old Fashioned Love, John Fahey The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death, John Fahey The Yellow Princess, Öyvind Fahlström Det stroa och det lilla & Morgon, Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair, Fairchild Visuals The Distribution Dilemma, Fairouz Maarifti Feek, Fairport Convention Fairport Convention, Fairport Convention Full House, Fairport Convention Heyday, Fairport Convention Liege & Lief, Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking, Marianne Faithfull Broken English, The Falcons I Found a Love, The Fall cerebral CAUSTIC, The Fall 458489 A Sides, The Fall Perverted by Language, The Fall This Nation’s Saving Grace, Family Fearless, Family of God Family of God, Family of God We Are the World, Family Vibe Confined to Soul, Family Vibe Strange Fruit, Banyuwangi Fandrung Songs Before Dawn, Fanfare Graf Zeppelin, Farmers Manual Explorers_We, Maria Farnetti Soprano, Maria Farneti / Maria Laurenti Sopranos, Dennis Farnon Magoo in Hi-Fi, Dennis Farnon Mother Magoo Suite, Marc Farre Unsafe Songs, Fast Forward Panhandling, Fat Hit, The Fatback Band Greatest Hits, Faultline Closer Colder, Faust Faust, Faust Faust IV, Faust Rien, Faust Seventy One Minutes Of..., Faust You Know Faust, Toberto Faz Baila Conmigo, Feelies Crazy Rhythms, Feelies Only Life, Feelies The Good Earth, Feelies Time for a Witness, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler Obscurités, Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier Music for Violin and Piano, Morton Feldman Aki Takahashi plays Morton Feldman, Morton Feldman Durations, Morton Feldman Durations I-V, Morton Feldman Durations I-V / Coptic Light, Morton Feldman For John Cage, Morton Feldman For John Cage (Zukofsky), Morton Feldman For Samuel Beckett, Morton Feldman Neither, Morton Feldman Only, Morton Feldman Piano, Morton Feldman Piano and String Quartet, Morton Feldman Rothko Chapel, Morton Feldman The Early Years, Morton Feldman The Viola in My Life, Morton Feldman The Viola in My Life / Why Patterns, Morton Feldman Three Voices, Morton Feldman Triadic Memories, Morton Feldman & Beckett Samuel Words and Music, Felt Bubblegum Perfume, Felt Ignite the Seven Canons, Felt Poem of the River, Felt Train Above the City, Freddy Fender The Fabulous Freddy Fender, Brian Fennelly The Music of Brian Fennelly Vol. 1, Fennesz Hotel Parallel, Fennesz Harding and Rehberg Di-n, Luc Ferrari Cellule 75, Luc Ferrari Matin et soir, Luc Ferrari Piano - Piano, Luc Ferrari Presque Rien No. 1, Leo Ferré La Chanson du Mal Aime, Fianni Ferria Vivi o Preferibilmente Morti, Brian Ferry Boys and Girls, Fetish Park Alluvial, The Fiction Brothers Country Cooking, Nino Fidenco Emanuelle in America, Ken Field Subterranea, The Fifth Dimension Greatest Hits, The Fifth Dimension Stoned Soul Picnic, Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron, Mario Filippeschi Opera Recital, The Fire Escape Psychotic Reaction, Firehose Ragin’ Full-On, Firesign Theater Don’t Crush That Dwarf Hand Me The Pliers, First Avenue Shreds of Evidence, First Choice Armed and Extremely Dangerous, 1st International Nothing If You Sit Real Still and Hold My Hand You Will Hear Absolutely Nothing, Fish & Roses Dear John, Fish & Roses Fish & Roses, Steve Fisk 48 Deathless Days, Graham Fitkin Hard Fairy, Graham Fitkin Slow / Houah / Frame, Ella Fitzgerald Ella in Berlin, Ella Fitzgerald The Cole Porter Songbook, Ella Fitzgerald The Duke Ellington Songbook, Ella Fitzgerald The Harold Arlen Songbook, Ella Fitzgerald The Irving Berlin Songbook, The Five Blind Boys Precious Memories, The Five Royales The Five Royales, 5uu’s Crisis in Clay, Roberta Flack First Take, Kirsten Flagstad Arias and Duets from Wagner’s Ring, Kirstin Flagstad Immolation Scene, The Flamin’ Groovies Groovies’ Greatest Hits, The Flamin’ Groovies Jumpin’ in the Night, Flanders and Swann The Bestiary, Fläsk Kvartetten What’s Your Pleasure?, Lester Flatt Nashville Grass, Flatt & Scruggs Breaking Out, Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Banjo, Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Flatt & Scruggs Hard Travelin’, Flatt & Scruggs Live at Carnegie Hall, The Flesh Eaters The Greatest Hits, Flipper Generic Album, Eddie Floyd Knock on Wood, The Flying Burrito Bros. Burrito Deluxe, The Flying Burrito Bros. The Gilded Palace of Sin, FM and E# Improvisations, Fnade Aldebaaran, John Fogerty Centerfield, Red Foley The Old Master, Red Foley and Ernest Tubb Red and Ernie, Fong Naam Live in Concert, Lita Ford Lita, Michael C. Ford Language Commando, Rita Ford Rita Ford’s Music Boxes, Luigi Fort In Opera and Song, Lucas Foss Conducts the Zimbler Sinfonietta, Lucas Foss Echoi etc., Lucas Foss Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, Fotheringay Fotheringay, The Four Freshman Freshman Favorites, The Four Seasons Edizione D’oro, The Four Sergeants Bawdy Barracks Ballads Vol. 2, The Four Tops Greatest Hits, Kim Fowley Snake Document Masquerade, Dr. Michael Fox Dogtalk, Virgil Fox Heavy Organ, Foxy Brown Foxy, Fragson Succès et Raretès 1903-1912, Frame Cut Frame Nightoshortlives, Frame Cut Frame Nobody Just Talks, Framework Framework, Hedwig Francillo-Kauffmann In Opera and Song, Aretha Franklin Aretha Arrives, Aretha Franklin Aretha Now, Aretha Franklin Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky), Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, Aretha Franklin Lady Soul, Aretha Franklin Soul ‘69, Aretha Franklin Spirit in the Dark, Aretha Franklin The First 12 Sides, Freak’s Amour Descartes’ Rose, Freak’s Amour One for Juanita, Stan Freberg Underground!, Stan Freberg The Best Of, Free Design Free Design, Freedom in the Air Albany Georgia, Frenchy Les Compagnons de la Chanson, Frightwig Faster Frightwig Kill! Kill!, Robert Fripp Exposure, Robert Fripp God Save the Queen, Fred Frith Allies, Fred Frith Cheap at Half the Price, Fred Frith Gravity, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Fred Frith Guitar Solos, Fred Frith Speechless, Fred Frith The Previous Evening, Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser With Friends Like These, Lefty Frizzell Greatest Hits, Rev. Dwight Frizzell and Anal Magic The Black Crack, Peter Frohmader Macrocosm, Peter Frohmader Stringed Works, Peter Frohmader and Richard Pinhas Fossil Culture, FSOL Lifeforms, Fuckhead The Male Comedy, The Fugs It Crawled Into My Hand Honest, The Fugs Live from the 60s, The Fugs Tenderness Junction, The Fugs The Belle of Avenue A, The Fugs The Fugs First Album, The Fugs Virgin Fugs, James Fulkerson Force Fields and Spaces, Funkadelic America Eats Its Young, Funkadelic Cosmic Slop, Funkadelic Free Your Mind, Funkadelic Funkadelic, Funkadelic Greatest Hits, Funkadelic Hardcore Jollies, Funkadelic Maggot Brain, Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove, Giovanni Fusco Films by Antonioni, Giovanni Fusco Gli Indifferenti, Fu-Schnickens F.U “Don’t Take It Personal”, Kenny G. Miracles, Abdelmajid Gabsi Abdelmajid Gabsi, Kenneth Gaburo Antiphony IX (...A Dot) & ENOUGH! ...(not enough)..., Wanda Gag Millions of Cats, Gagged and Chained: The Sentencing of Bobby Seale for Contempt, Anmol Gahdi Anokhi Ada, Slim Gaillard Laughing in Rhythm, Serge Gainsbourg Comic Strip, Serge Gainsbourg Confidentiel, Serge Gainsbourg Couleur Café, Serge Gainsbourg Du Jazz Dans le Ravin, Serge Gainsbourg Master Serie Vol. 3, Azeza Galal Howh El Hob Leaba, Azeza Galal Men Hakk Teaitebne, Diamanda Galas Schrei X, Diamanda Galas Schrei X Live, Galaxie 500 On Fire, France Gall Dancing Disco, Amelita Galli-Curci The Art of Galli-Curci, Maria Galvany Operatic and Song Recital, Soliman Gamil The Egyptian Music, Rainer Ganahl Heavy Metal -War & Music, Gang of Four Another Day / Another Dollar, Gang of Four Entertainment, Orlando Jacinto Garcia Celestial Voices, Carlos Gardel Tango Sung by Carlos Gardel, Judy Garland A Star is Born, Judy Garland From the Decca Vaults, Erroll Garner Concert by the Sea, Mort Garson The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds, Armando Garzón Boleros, Gastr del Sol The Harp Factory on Lake Street, Gaudenzia House Drugs Won’t Get It People Will, Peter Gault A Psycho-Sexual Incantation, The Gay Lads Soul Beat, Gaye Bykers on Acid The Janice Long Session, Marvin Gaye Every Great Motown Hit Of, Marvin Gaye I Want You, Marvin Gaye Let’s Get it On, Marvin Gaye Midnight Love, Marvin Gaye What’s Going On, Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye, Gloria Gaynor The Best Of, Ron Geesin As He Stands / A Raise of Eyebrows, General Magic Frantz, General Smile & Papa Michigan Rub a Dub Style, General Trees Ragga Ragga Raggamuffin, Genf Import / Export, Gentle Giant Acquiring the Taste, Gentle Giant Giant for a Day!, Gentle Giant Playing the Foole, Gentle Giant The Power and The Glory, Bobbie Gentry Sittin’ Pretty, Bobbie Gentry Tobacco Road, Roberto Gerhard Don Quixote, Roberto Gerhard L’alta Naixença, Roberto Gerhard Pandora, Roberto Gerhard The Plague, George & Ira Gershwin Songs of the 1920s, Gescom Gescom, Getting Together: Problems You Face, Benedetto Ghiglia La Bugiarda, Ghost Opera Company The Ghost Opera, Jon Gibson In Good Company, Beniamino Gigli 8 Arias / 8 Songs, Beniamino Gigli Great Recordings of the Century, Beniamino Gigli Historical Recordings 1927-1951, Beniamino Gigli Italian Classical Arias, Beniamino Gigli Recital, Beniamino Gigli Sings Sacred Songs, Beniamino Gigli Solenne in Quest’ora etc., Beniamino Gigli The Art of Beniamino Gigli, Beniamino Gigli The Complete HMV Recordings, Beniamino Gigli The Essential Gigli, Beniamino Gigli Volume 1 1918-1924, Beniamino Gigli Volume 2, Gilberto Gil Soy Loco por ti America, Bruce Gilbert Neverpath, Astraud Gilberto Beach Samba, Astraud Gilberto The Essential Astraud Gilberto, Dizzy Gillespie Something Old Something New, Mario Gillion Mario Gillion, Don Gillis The Man Who Invented Music, Alberto Ginastera Variaciones Concertantes / Glosses, Hermione Gingold La Gingold, Allen Ginsberg First Blues, Allen Ginsberg Holy Soul Jelly Roll, Allen Ginsberg September on Jessore Road, Allen Ginsberg The Ballad of the Skeletons, Allen Ginsberg The Lion for Real, Giordano Andrea Chénier (de Fabritiis), Giordano Andrea Chénier (Gavazzeni), Nikki Giovanni Like a Ripple on a Pond, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Sounds of Roundup, Gisburg No Stranger Not At All, Janice GiteckBreathing Songs etc., Philip Glass Dance Pieces, Philip Glass Einstein on the Beach, Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion, Philip Glass North Star, Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans Space Songs, Vinko Globokar Globokar by Globokar, Vinko Globokar Les Émigrés, Jean-Luc Godard Bandes Originales des Films de Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Luc Godard Nouvelle Vague, Godley & Creme Consequences, Godley & Creme L, Heiner Goebbels La Jalousie etc., Heiner Goebbels and Heiner Müller The Man in the Elevator, Goem Dertig cm, Karel Goeyvaerts Works for Piano, Ernest Gold It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Ben Goldberg Eight Phrases for Jefferson Rubin, The Golden Palominos The Golden Palominos, The Golden Singers Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone, Goldie Timeless, Jennie Goldstein Mink... Shmink, Malcolm Goldstein The Seasons: Vermont, Eddie Gomez Cuban Mist, Gong Angels Egg, Gong Camembert Electrique, Gong Continental Circus, Gong Expresso, Gong Floating Anarchy, Gong You, Goodload Goodwin Supercamp, Benny Goodman The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol. 1, Benny Goodman The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol. 2, Goons Goon ... but Not Forgotten, Michael Gordon Big Noise from Nicaragua, Michael Gordon Weather, Peter Gordon Geneva, Peter Gordon Star Jaws, Henryk Górecki Beatus Vir, Henryk Górecki Symphony No. 3, Vande Gorne Impalpables, Annie Gosfield Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires, Glenn Gould String Quartet / So You Want to Write a Fugue?, Roy Henry Alexander Gover Life Goes On, Kenny Graham Moondog and Suncat Suite, Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five The Message, Grandpa Jones Live, Granicus Granicus, Patrick Grant Silent Treatment, The Grassroots Golden Grass, The Grateful Dead American Beauty, The Grateful Dead Anthem of the Sun, The Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa, The Grateful Dead Blues for Allah, The Grateful Dead Europe ‘72, The Grateful Dead Live Dead, The Grateful Dead Skeletons From the Closet, The Grateful Dead Skull and Roses, The Grateful Dead Terrapin Station, The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead, The Grateful Dead Wake of the Flood, The Grateful Dead Workingman’s Dead, Wardell Gray Memorial, R.B. Greaves R.B. Greaves, Al Green Al Green, Al Green Al Green is Love, Al Green Call Me, Al Green Explores Your Mind, Al Green Gets Next to You, Al Green Green is Blues, Al Green Have a Good Time, Al Green He is the Light, Al Green I’m Still in Love with You, Al Green Let’s Stay Together, Al Green Livin’ for You,