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World cup? Simulated zingworld cup—take your shirt off ‘cause there’s no shootouts with Foosbal at the eleventh—Capricorn One—zingmagazine launch. The eleventh curatorial crossing.  

Booze, Foos, and Schmooze with Laika—among others—at the 101st Annual
zingmagazine Memorial Frat Freshmen Mixer (BYO Roofies) Wonderful,
Wonderful Copenhagen!

The eleventh occasion that curators from around the world and across the various disciplines meet in our pages to create forums of individual, contentual, and graphic fusion. The eleventh “The Reviews, The Reflections, The Reactions” promises to provide the exchange that keeps our readers on top of it while still in orbit.The eleventh issue (winter 2000) will be officially released and

Tuesday, February 1st, 2000, 8:00 to 12:00 @ The Gershwin Hotel

with Foosbal & The First Annual Super Video Curatorial Crossing.

7 E 27th St @ 5th Ave NYC 212-696-4677

Vodka by Kremlyovskaya Vodka
Beer by Brooklyn Brewery
Audio environment tomandandy
Video Projects curated by zingmagazine

admission by invitation only

RSVP by January 30th @ 212-431-4617

Eleventh Issue, Curated Projects:

Christmas Story | The Royal Art Lodge

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about | Josephine Soughan & Simon Pentleton

Thoughtscape “inspire.inform.evolve” | Sputnik

3D | Sebastiaan Bremer & Pieter Woudt

Lutwidge Finch, Part II Chapter 7 | Thomas Rayfiel

Haptics | Grant Watson

First World Member | Luis Macias

EXIT | Bob Seng

Ignore this | As Four

6799 | AS Bessa & Kenneth Goldsmith

In August 2000, the Art and Culture exchange continues between New York
and Hans Christian Andersen’s motherland: in September 1999, Danish
Newave took place in NYC, washing inhabitants in the detergent of
Scandinavian Kulture. Now zingmagazine will be the Trojan Horse/dryer
sheet of Underground Art. Play your foosbal and Capricorn One yourself
in tryouts for the towelboy/towelgirl for the Manhattan Art Globetrotter
Team (try hard enough and maybe you’ll get to be fifth man, you lucky

ZING and NYC goes CPH with HCA and MAGT. 212-696-4677 or factoryppl@aol.com

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Special thanks to the Gershwin Hotel, Kremlyovskaya Vodka, and the Brooklyn Brewery for their support.

Coming Up:
Salon 3

Jane Hart
Sylvain Flanagan

Mike Ballou

Damien Sarrazen

United Aliens
Claire Koury & Ross Knight

Simon Periton
Katerina Gregos

Lucky De Belleview
Beth Haggart

Wade Guyton
Calabazitaz Tiernaz

Sarah Gavlak
Rob Pruitt

Jacqui Millar/Idealogue
Pauline Daly

Diana Oberlander
Tricia Collins

Warren Isensee
Sonny Simmons

Tracy Nakayama
Erik Schmidt & Corinna Weidner

Kenny Schachter

Vernita Incognita
Judith Findlay

& Adam Simon

zingmagazine is edited and published by Devon Dikeou.