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interview: 4/4 interviewer: angus ivy, art critic, brussels, belgium interviewee: dike blair, artist, curator, writer, new york, usa


1. what do you think about proficiency and what is academically and professionally proper
The question seems insinuating but I'm not sure of what. I admire proficiency. I try to be proper and inspiring when I teach. I respect professionalism. I'm sorry because I think I've missed the slant of the question.
2. what is your curating process like?
My curatorial efforts have been few and the process of each has been different and dependent on circumstance. In general, I go with attraction and intuition when selecting artists then allow myself to retro-analyze and rationalize the selection.
3. do you read art magazines?
I try to read the ones I contribute to and I subscribe to Artforum which I rarely get through, but like receiving.
4. do bad reviews disappoint you?
Yes, but not as much as the more common absence of reviews.
5. do you agree that art is elitist?

Yes and no. Art can be elitist or populist, and quite a few other things. Good and bad art can be made in many different domains.

6. who's gonna be big?
Assuming you mean artists, it will be an artist with a big appetite and the force of will necessary to find ways to temporarily sate that appetite. questions:
1. personal question: what/who do you think is creepy?
The question makes me realize that I find very little creeps me out these days. I don't know if this is because of age, numbness or acceptance.
2. political question: are you political?
In the broad sense, yes. In the specific sense of government, no.
3. music question: what are you listening to now?
Mark Borthwick/Holland, Gavin Bryars, George Jones.
4. book question: what are you reading now?
Big Blondes by Jean Echenoz, and Deep Design by Libby Lumpkin.
5. movie question: what was the last movie you saw that you liked?
Being John Malkovich.
6. educational question: aren't you glad I didnŐt use any academic gibberish in my questions?

Dike Blair photographed by Richard Prince