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interview: 4/4 interviewer: angus ivy, art critic, brussels, belgium interviewee: edith doove, director museum dhondt-dhaenens, ghent, belgium

questions: 1. what do you think about proficiency and what is academically and professionally proper?
I think it's important but there are no rules. You have to create it yourself because a large part consists of building a certain vision on things. That can take lifetime as far as I am concerned–you be and stay open minded. I absolutely hate to strive for anything that is so called academically and professionally proper. Use your imagination and find your own way. If it accidentally ends up being academically and professionally correct, then so be it.
2. what is your curating process like?
Rather intuitive. I can suddenly have a "bright idea" for an exhibition which is either useful or not at all. I actually like just having ideas and dreaming of the possibility to realize them. If an idea is useful or exciting I try to realize it but I'm always open to to things that happen under way—I like working in a symbiosis with the artists and/or other curators involved.
3. do you read art magazines?
I used to collect them but now flip through them. I prefer to indulge in fashion and interior magazines like Elle, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. But Purple is my absolute favorite as well as zingmagazine.
4. do bad reviews disappoint you?
Not if they are well written and based on a personal view and good documentation. Unfortunately, that is hardly ever the case.

5. do you agree that art is elitist?
I guess so–it's always good to realize that most people don’t care for art–but I'm also a big believer in education. I like spreading the word.
6. who's gonna be big?
Do I have to answer this?
1. personal question: what/who do you think is creepy?
Anything or anyone extremist, especially in the political sense.
2. political question: are you political?
I used to be a member of a left wing political party until I discovered that it's a game I don't want to play.
3. music question: what are you listening to now?
Lauren Hill, but it could just as well have been Lamb or Macy Gray. A year ago it would definitely have been Paul Weller.
4. book question: what are you reading now?
I tend to read ten different books at the same time or none at all. At the moment it's the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, Don de Lillo's Underworld, Hubert Damisch's Un souvenir d’enfance par Piero della Francesca.
5. movie question: what was the last movie you saw that you liked?
The Fight Club.
6. educational question: aren't you glad Ididn't use any academic gibberish in my questions?
I'm not only glad, I'm downright thankful.

Edith Doove photographed by Hester Doove