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Giasco Bertoli, Purple Sexe: lovers, color photograph

Giasco Bertoli: All For Beauty; MC Magma • Milan, Italy

Our daily experience is divided into two dimensions, the public and private one, and we sometimes try to separate one from the other, hoping to protect both of them: in a violent, curious, and casual way, Giasco Bertoli's show explores this relationship, questioning the organization of our spaces. Therefore, the subjects chosen are two, and their representation is manifested on various levels, both in the choice of subjects and of the picture' size.

Small images of urban spaces, cold architectures, huge landscapes, are followed by large self-portraits of anonymous women who welcome the viewer, even the most uninterested one, to the warmth of their intimacy: cold vs warm, life vs death. The amazement that the artist feels when faced with the absurdity/nonsense of certain cenographies/settings, theatres of our existence, is expressed through the casualty of the sho(o)t, the anonymity of geographical place, derived from a mere curiosity, or the will to stop the fall of his own glance on an absolutely anonymous subject. Anonymous is also the geography of these places, which is possible to identify and to live.

To these images are opposed "Madame Bovary, c'est moi", nudes, a collection of self-portraits of women who come from all over the world: they move in personal and private spaces, daily refuges/oasis in which representation–sometimes prude, some other proud–of female sex, recalls a quiet and primordial dimension of protection and warmth. The bodies are unknown, but the cities' names are written on t-shirts, to remind what is out from that intimate space, which is shared by other people.

"All For Beauty" has also been the chance to launch Purple Sexe issue 6, a second monograph, this time entirely realized by Giasco Bertoli. It is extremely coherent and focused, compared to previous editions. In this special dedicated to Milan, the artist has deepened his personal research, especially in the context of the Italian one, where the relationship between the public and private space still represent a conflict. The vein is more elegant, the atmosphere is more rarefied, but slightly and softly more perverse.

Daniele Balice Milan,

Italy 2000