Several times a week I feel as if something dreadful is about to happen.
Your perceptions are undoubtedly accurate, since dreadful things are happening all the time, but the hiring company wants a "happy face" employee, so give this one a FALSE.

2. I know who is responsible for most of my problems.If you say FALSE, you're admitting that someone else is responsible, someone unknown, and that sounds paranoid. On the other hand, you can say TRUE and still be paranoid. Who's going to know? TRUE.

3. Clever, sarcastic people make me feel very uncomfortable.
Sarcasm is nasty. Furthermore, since homosexuals are perceived as being clever and sarcastic, you're doubly safe with TRUE.

4. I usually go to the movies more than once a week.Your response should be FALSE. Yeah, I know, you’d live in the movies if you could, and considering the state of the world, you need fantasy and escape, but you mustn't admit it.

5. Women should not be allowed to drink in cocktail bars.Then where would we meet them? Read carefully: a negative response means yes, women should be allowed to drink in bars, so be modern and say FALSE.

6. I become quite irritated when I see some one spit on the sidewalk.
Your TRUE answer says that you are community-oriented and that you care. (The fact that you spit on the sidewalk all the time is best undivulged.)

7. I sometimes pretend to know more than I really do.Why do I think of George Bush and Dan Quayle? If you say TRUE, you're admitting that you're a phony, and no employer wants a self-admitted phony. (The person who gets the job will be a phony, of course, but that's beside the point.) Go for FALSE.

8. Usually I prefer to work with women.Hmmm. This could be a tricky one, but for males, I'd advise answering FALSE. If you put TRUE, the prospective employer may think (1) You're afraid of men or feel threatened by them; (2) You're eonistic, perhaps gay; (3) You're a gash hound on the prowl. FALSE is safer.

9. Sometimes I feel like smashing things.You bet—like the creatures who devised this nosy bit of torture. But don't tell them; they'll think you're pre-psychotic or violence-prone. Opt for serene: FALSE.

10. Every family owes it to the city to keep their sidewalk cleared in the winter and their lawn mowed in the summer.
Never mind the grammatical crudity, just say it's TRUE. You dislike cutting the grass and your yard looks like Jungle Jim's, but see #6 above: be consistent.