11. I hate to be interrupted when I'm working
on something.
Doesn't everyone? But if you get the job, you're going to be interrupted all the time, so you should answer FALSE. A TRUE response indicates single-mindedness, inflexibility, and probably irritability (low frustration threshold).

12. The trouble with many people is that they don't take things seriously enough.
At first I was tempted to recommend FALSE, to imply that you believe people are essentially concerned and responsible—a good lie. But putting TRUE indicates that you are a serious person who doesn't approve of flighty, uncaring people; it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a sadsack doom-and-gloomer. I think TRUE has the edge here.

13. I feel that there is only one true religion.
ALSE, although I have doubts about this one, too. A TRUE response indicates certainty of faith, of course, but it also betokens a rigid lack of acceptance. Better to appear open-minded.

14. I get excited very easily.
No, this has nothing to do with sex, so put FALSE. Companies want calm, level-headed people (actually they want drones, myrmidons and accommodators who don't mind fulfilling any request).

15. I used to keep a diary.
Now think. If you used to keep a diary, why aren't you still keeping one? Because you grew out of it, right? Now you take more interest in the external world and less in your internal one. However, if you never kept a diary, the implication is that you have always been extroverted, so FALSE is a better answer (but this is an item that's not important).

16. I usually feel nervous and ill at ease at a
formal dance or party.
FALSO. You are gregarious and outgoing, not self-conscious. You are a company person, get it?

17. Maybe some minority groups do get rough treatment, but it's no business of mine.
FALSE—again, assuming a negative response means yes, it is my business. You don't want to appear callous or insensitive; you want them to think that you are an involved, caring, fair-minded person with community—national—interests.

18. I feel useless at times.
NEVER. In the real world, you will naturally feel futile most of the time, but you must not let on.

19. Once a week or more often I feel suddenly hot all over, without apparent cause.Remember, never answer TRUE to a question that says you don't understand what your body is doing or what's happening to you. You are IN CHARGE at all times. FALSE.