20. I am fascinated by fire.HELL NO. Do you want them to think you're a pyromaniac? (Fire is, of course, fascinating, as anyone who has a fireplace will tell you.)

21. I like tall women.
For what? Since most women are short, liking tall ones might make you sound, well, different, even fetishistic. On the other hand, if you say FALSE, the evaluator may think you're insecure and easily threatened, so I'd go for a confident TRUE. (Maybe it's a misprint and they meant to write "I like all women"—if so, you're better off with TRUE.)

22. Sometimes I just can't seem to get going.
Isn't that the truth! But don't forget that you want to fool the company into hiring you, and what they want is a self-starter, not a placid-depressive. FALSE it has to be.

23. Some of my family have habits that bother and annoy me very much.
Do they ever! But put down FALSE. Hey, if you can't get along with your own family . . . well, the conclusion is obvious.

24. I have had blank spells in which my activities were interrupted and I did not know what was going on around me.
Let's see, where was I? What's this? Oh, yeah. FALSE. Only a spaz or a pothead would answer TRUE. Don't let them catch you.

25. When I meet a stranger, I often think that he is better than I am.Now this is a hard one. You want to appear humble, but not too humble. TRUE shows humility, but the word to reckon with is often. If you answer FALSE, does that indicate arrogance or self-assurance? I think you'd be better off with FALSE: it implies self-confidence and shows that you aren't fooled by a stranger's front.

26. I have frequently found myself, when alone, pondering such abstract problems as free will, evil, etc.
NO, NO, NO. Very few corporations in America want anyone with a philosophical bent, and certainly not the ones that give these questionnaires. They want people who think about shopping.

27. When a man is with a woman, he is usually thinking about things relating to her sex.Well, it's true, to be sure, but you must not say so. A FALSE answer implies that you're the kind of person who values a woman for her self (and, further, that you aren't preoccupied with sex—ha, ha).

28. If I get too much change in a store, I always give it back.
Fat chance! But put down TRUE, indicating that you are, above all, honest, a straight arrow.

29. I am bothered by people outside, on street cars, in stores, etc., watching me.
FALSE. Only a paranoid would answer TRUE, and if you're paranoid, why tip them off? Watch out!