43. If I could get into a movie without paying and be sure I was not seen, I would probably do it.
FALSE. Remember #28. There are traps everywhere, so be alert: inconsistency is damaging to the image.

44. I am worried about sex matters.
Of course you're worried about sex matters! Everyone is. So put down FALSE.

45. I am afraid of losing my mind.
FALSE. This is another question not carefully thought out by the testers, who are obviously not semanticists. Would you say "I am not afraid of losing my mind?" Sounds crazy to me, because people ought to be afraid of such a terrible thing. But don't get analytical, just take the questions as simplistically as possible. The compilers have not gone beneath the surface of these statements and you shouldn't either.

46. In walking, I am very careful to step over side walk cracks.Well, of course, you don't want to break your mother's back, but answer FALSE to indicate that you're not superstitious. You'll be expected to work on Friday the 13th.

47. I am strongly attracted by members of my own sex.
FALSE. You are Hetero Straight Arrow Incarnate.

48. It does not bother me particularly to see animals suffer.
FALSE. You want to appear sensitive—unless you're seeking a job with one of the drug companies that use a lot of animals in experiments.

49. My parents and family find more fault with me than they should.Well, sure they do—that's what families are for. But answer FALSE. You want to appear to be as happy as the Waltons. Also, remember #23 and #40 and be consistent.

50. Someone has control over my mind.Better not let them find out, because they want control.