distributed house, or, sunmoontide house

March 1999
Commissioned by Het Observatorium, Rotterdam and Friederiecke Taylor / TZ Art Gallery, NY.

A house for inhabiting time. In the Distributed House, each function of living is assigned its own structure. The structures are spread out over a large area, such that they are connected by the empty landscape. The landscape is constantly
transformed by the movement and changing relationships of the sun, moon, and tides. At high tide, water fills the entire site, until the structures appear to float
in a vast expanse of water. At low tide, water recedes to reveal a network of pathways linking the structures, embedded in a rolling topography. The topography
is no longer merely a landscape characterized by contours of height; more importantly, the topography is a marker of time, an indicator of natural cycles that
fluctuate in response to the cycles of the sun, moon, and tide.