Momoyo Torimitsu is an artist who lives and works in NYC.

Sarah Staton is an artist who has made some paintings using bleach and denim. She lives in London, is UK lite, and goes to mainland Europe and North America as much as possible.

Mike Paré was born in Northern California in December of 1969. He lives in Brooklyn. He has exhibited his work at the Bronwyn Keenan gallery and White Columns in New York, and at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. He is a frequent contributor to 'Great God Pan', a journal devoted to western lore.

Luis Macias: he is not young any more, fashionably speaking. He does not live in the place where he was born; that would be impossible for his mental state. He is neither rich nor famous. He does not have a full time job either. He is not married, he does not have a car or a house at the beach. He does not know what a suit or a tie are. He simply is not part of your expectations of life at all.

Jane Hart is a curator, publisher, and artist who resides in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles —the location of the Hollywood sign. From somewhat humble origins, this now historic structure has become one of the most photographed an iconic landmarks on the planet. Each day, countless individuals throng to the intersection of the small cul-de-sac where Ms. Hart lives and work—which provides a prime vantage point for capturing images of the sign nestled up above in the hills.
With this installment Thomas Rayfiel concludes his serial publication of Lutwidge Finch. His novel Colony Girl is available in paperback from Picador/USA.

Avikal Gebhard is a artist and documentary filmmaker from Austria residing in New York. He is currently completing a documentary film about a gathering of one million yogis in India called “Moksha”. Most recently his work has been shown at the Dumbo-Artsfestival via a projected Installation against the Manhattan Bridge. The film “moksha” will also be featured at “Mantransforms”, a cultural event of collaborating visionaries in NYC in June 2001.
Rainer Ganahl is an artist living in New York. He has shown his work in gallery and museum shows through out Europe, the USA and Asia. In the 1999 Venice Biennial he represented Austria. His most recent solo show in New York was at Baumgartner Gallery earlier this year. Currently, he is working on a project for the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
Sam Hecht was born in London, and studied at the Royal College of Art. Between ‘93 and ‘00, he lived and worked through North America, the middle East and Asia, before returning to become Head of Industrial Design at IDEO. It was while he was in Japan that he developed a new approach to design, with his close friend Naoto Fukasawa, and they were responsible for the exhibitions Whitebox, Printables and New Cooking Tools. His work has been exhibited in TNprobe, the Strathmore, The Design Museum and forms part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. He is currently collaborating with OMA Rem Koolhaus, Producing new products for PRADA, and also teaches at the Royal College of Art. Mary Barone lives and works in New York


Hans Winkler is a German artist living in New York. He is represented by Galerie Michael Neff, Frankfurt, and Galerie Thomas Wallner, Malmö. He recently produced ESUS, a project with the Public Art Fund in NYC. His drawings are published in NU, on and in various European magazines and papers.

Poster: Giasco Bertoli