curator's note


Brian Alfred was born and raised on the South Side in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he had a clean view of steel mills and the Heinz pickle plant. He now listens to music, watches 24 hour cable news, and makes work in Brooklyn where he has a clean view of building after building after building . . .

General Assembly is a music studio, a record label, and sometimes a group. Paul Parreira is at the helm, controlling the production of releases and organizing events and collaborations. Paul used to run a gallery space in NYC called 407, from there he started a band (Terceira) with Rebecca Mason. Subsequently, he found himself DJ-ing, putting together music for fashion and art shows, and organizing some now-infamous house parties called Dark Green/Casual Green. Then, he formed another band called Azores, a trio with John Codling and Darren Crawforth. They have released one EP called “September” and created soundtracks to accompany performances by two of the most exciting dance companies in New York City, the Maria Hassabi Co and Chemeckie & Lerner. General Assembly’s manifestation as an ambient performing/recording entity is represented herein and is at work on a full-length CD. David Mclewaine ( is the unofficial in-house designer for General Assembly, and the idea for this project stems from an advertisement that he and Paul put together for the last issue of zingmagazine.

Dr Ben Satterfield is a social critic whose commentary, fiction, poetry, drama, reviews, and cartoons have appeared in scores of periodicals from the whimsical to the literary and from the popular to the scholarly.

Lee Stoetzel is an artist living in New York. Wood grain and the texture of materials (old paint on window sills in this case) have been at the forefront of his photography, painting, and sculpture for eight years. He also co-curates and manages the West Collection at SEI in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Mike Lohr: Most of the time I’m a graphic designer for my studio semiliquid. The rest of my time is spent drawing shapes, going out to breakfast, working on a new line of T-shirts and designing wrapping paper. Drunk on color, high on repetition.

Sam Hecht: Sam Hecht was born in London, but spent most of his formative years in Japan and the USA. An Industrial Designer, he continues to collaborate with IDEO, most recently with projects for Prada, Orange, and Egg. His effort in occupying territories not

common to designers is relentless. He is currently working on a series of projects for Proverb.

Mary Barone is an independent curator who lives and works in NY.

Luis Macias: Well, I already have had so many projects in this magazine that I don’t know what else I could say about myself, or my artwork. Maybe I could say that you are FUCKED UP, and I am lucky. But there is no way I’m gonna be that nice. Instead, I will say that to have a project in this mag, you need to have friends, and I don’t know about you, but I can tell I do have “friends” at zingmagazine.

Angus Hood Angus Hood lives and works in Edinburgh,Scotland. Usual service will resume as soon as possible.

Serge Onnen is living & drawing in Amsterdam. Editor of Volume (Horizon issue coming in 2003 check for details and please send drawings—deadline Nov 30/02 ). Animation for public space on the facade of De Balie in Amsterdam. On view from dusk till dawn, first two weeks of October.

The SANITARY PARK is a place where everything is clean & perfect. A man-made park where no human is allowed. A pure environment; the organic chemistry is perfect, the air is purified, and the wood is sterile. Get yourself together. A park for industrial relaxation.

Giasco Bertoli was born in Switzerland in 1965, he lives and works in Paris. He has exhibited his works and photographs in galleries, and he is a regular contributor to magazines like Purple and zingmagazine. His recent book 15 LOVE is published by Editions Outcasts in Paris.

Todd Hido, a native Ohioan, now lives in San Francisco, and Nazraeli Press has just published a second book of his work called Outskirts—a companion to his monograph published last year called House Hunting.

Melanie Flood: As a solipsistic junior at SVA, in a requisite course, Photo Since 1960 taught by gallerist Julie Saul, curator/photographer Melanie Flood was exposed to the weird/wacky world of Todd Hido. Everything developed from there.

Omar Lopez-Chahoud earned an MFA from Yale University School of Art, New Haven, Connecticut and The Royal Academy of Art, London. As an independent curator his exhibitions include: “Never Never Land,”—University Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampa, Florida; “Hash Brown Potatoes,”—Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, New York; a curatorial project in connection with “Crossing the Line,”—Queens Museum of Art, Queens, New York. He is one of the founders of The Brewster Project, site specific installations exhibition in the town of Brewster, New York (Summers 2001 and 2002.)

Ester Partegàs today has spent $3.00 on breakfast, $10.45 on groceries, $23.75 at the hardware store, $26.25 on dinner, $1.50 for a late night ice-cream and has payed Verizon $61.13 for one month cell phone use. She expects to spend money tomorrow too.

Steven Severance is an artist and reader in West Grove, Pennsylvania. His illustrations for “The Persians by Aeschylus” were published in zingmagazine issue #5. He has also illustrated works by Chekhov and various Asian poets.

Severance’s translation of Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone accompanies his etchings and was made possible by The Perseus Digital Library. He relied heavily on their electronic Greek texts and translation tools (

Steven adds, “many thanks go out to The Perseus Digital Library as a free and valuable resource. For a good and concise translation of the whole play I would suggest Cocteau’s version published in English by Hill and Wang. It is one of the few translations which retains the energy of the original. AND many thanks also to Devon A Dikeou who inspired the entire project.”