Fulsome Chattiness / Biting Cattiness:

Satire After William Hogarth

Curated by Ana Finel Honigman


Kojo Griffin "Beforer"


Kojo Griffin "After"


Laurie Hogin, after, "Scholars At A Lectuure"


David Nicholson, "The Four Stages of Cruelty"


John Bankston after. "A midnight Modern Conversation"


Amy Cutler "Sweepers"


David Nicholson "A Harlots Progress"


Tracy Nakayama "A Family Affair"


Hilary Harkness after "Hudibras in Tribulation (Illustration for Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras')


Jazz-mihn Moore after "Gin Alley"


Neil Farber after "The Industrious" Prentice a Favorite, and Entrusted by his Master (Industry and Idleness)"