It's a total thrill to have to do with these kind of mysteries

ADAM SIMON- Perry, you're an art critic, you've written for most of the major periodicals, art magazines... What do you see as the significance of this new art movement, dissociationism?

PERRY HOBERMAN- Well, I think when you look at it, the first question in my mind is not why is this happening now, but why didn't it happen before? These are young artists responding to... I mean these are things that are happening for all of us, have been happening for some time and finally art is beginning to deal with what is going on in the late 20th century.

AS- There really hasn't been a movement like this for a few decades, has there?

PH- No, I can't think of a single movement. Other movements have defining characteristics, one can look at any of the major movements of the late 20th century and it's clear that when you sum them up, that they're actually fairly simplistic compared to this.

AS- Would you say that a lot of the movements of the latter half of the 20th century were externally created, that it wasn't artists themselves identifying...?

PH- Well I don't know if I would agree with that, but there is certainly a broader base to this movement. This is almost... it's a virus. It's just a matter of time before all artists are dissociationists.

AS- And yet most of the major galleries are staying away from it. Do you think that's because they haven't figured out how to market artists that don't have a signature style?

PH- Well, I think it does create real problems. I mean, how can you convince collectors to buy something when you don't have a ready supply? You have no clue what any dissociationist artist is going to be doing next month. You don't even know if they're going to be making art any more.

AS- That's part of where the interest is, don't you think?

PH- Absolutely.

AS- For you as a critic, I mean.

PH- It's a total thrill to have to do with these kind of mysteries.

AS- Are you planning any major articles for any of the art magazines on dissociationism?

PH- Well, I don't really write articles any more. Most of what I do is anonymous and electronic.

AS- Is that somehow reflective of the dissociationist trend that we're experiencing?

PH- Yeah, I would say so. I'm trying to contribute something relevant to this particular moment.

AS- Do you feel that anyone who's not on the dissociationist wave is going to be yesterday's news?

PH- Absolutely.