Hall of Mirrors by M. Begleiter
Michael Joseph by Lisa Jaye Young
Lynn Tondrick by Aaron Namewirth
Slowness by Tom Rayfiel
The Unbearable Whiteness of Skiing by Mathilde Heyns
'Mo Picasso at MoMA by Spencer Finch
The Art Exchange by Germaine Keller
Rainer Ganahl by Tom F. McDonough
Michael Ashkin by Max Henry
Timothy Nolan by Mario Ontiveros
Spring Collection by Katerina Gregos
Nothing Matters by Kevin Radley
Lucas Reiner by Steve Mumford
William Pope.L by Stuart Horodner
Gert Rappenecker by William Fox
"Between the Acts" by Katerina Gregos
Lee Stoetzel by Angela Brisnolali
Jeremy Deller by Judith Findlay
Les Ayre by Bryan Burkey
corps étranger by Sabine Russ
Rachel Whiteread by Max Henry
Midway by Stuart Horodner
Rachel Whiteread by Janet Goleas
Filiale by Rainer Ganahl
Devon Dikeou, Robert Heckes, Christian Schumann by Terri Friedman
Olaf Nicolai by Thomas Fechner-Smarsly
Traffic by Emily Tsingou
Eve Andrée Laramée, Jim Hodges by Jane Hart
Charles Long by Leonard Bravo
Salome by Shelly F. Marlow
Dennis Hollingsworth by Kerry Kugelman
Peter Zimmerman by Katerina Gregos
Stephen Berens by Jan Tumlir
Axel Hütte by Katerina Gregos
Rachel Harrison by Geraldine Postel
Robert Adams by Jay Mandel
William Radawec by Ann Carter
Haralampi G. Oroschakoff by Iwan Kovak
Rainer Ganahl by Maria Wutz
Paul Ramirez-Jonas, Ricci Albenda by Gregory Volk
Momoyo Torimitsu by Rainer Ganahl
Manifesta I by Sania Papa
Robert Frank by Simon Niedenthal
Laker Thoughts by Milan Babic