the reflection, the review, the reaction

A conversation with Christian Brown by Michelle Lopez
Good Friday by David Lillington
Spencer Finch by Max Henry
Emmett Williams by Gregory Volk
Nicola Tyson by Lisa Danbrot
Supastore by Matt Freedman
Shelley F. Marlow by Shelley F. Marlow
Henry Darger by E. Tage Larsen
Joe Letitia by Stuart Servetar
Floyd Collins by Adrienne Day
Rachel Harrison by Devon Dikeou
Fancy by Stuart Servetar
Roxy Paine by Janet Goleas
Tricia Collins by Géraldine Postel
The Art Guys by Alison Green
Material Culture by Katerina Gregos
Aron Namenwirth by Munro Galloway
Kerri Scharlin by Natalie Rivera
Nancy Chunn by jay mandel
Matthew Marello by Els Hanappe
Kenneth Goldsmith by Gordon Tapper
Bastards of Modernity by Jay Gould Stuckey
The Glory of Byzantium by Spencer Finch
Tiffanie Morrow by Timothy Nolan
Brener & Flash Art by Rainer Ganahl
Golf Thoughts by Milan Babic
Francis Cape by Lisa Hein
James Sheppard by Lee Stoetzel
Devon Dikeou by Rainer Ganahl
Brad Kahlhamer by Uscha Pohl
Rainer Gahnal by Max Hollein
Peter Hoeg by Tom Rayfiel
The Power of Suggestion by LouAnne Greenwald
David Grant by Christopher Miles
Ilya Kabakov by Daina Shobrys
Prudencio Irazabal by Natalie Rivera
James Hyde by Jay Gould Stuckey
Cecilia de Medeiros by Elizabeth Cherry
Roxy Paine by David Gibson
Ken Riddle by Margaret Sherwood
Jason Young by Natalie Rivera
Terri Friedman by Garret Keith
Hannah Wilke by Lisa Danbrot
Graw Bockler by Max Henry
The Experimenters by Kenny Shachter
John Souza by Michael Coughlan
A Scattering Matrix by Marilu Knode
Vik Muniz by Christopher Miles
Generation Star Wars by Josh Davis