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uscha pohl + ellen cantor
uscha pohl + ellen cantor

Ellen and I were both living at the Chelsea Hotel. A few floors up a few floors down, waiting for the elevator. Robert, Victor, Timore. We shared the Chelsea, and in good times, breakfast, too. Ellen had almost a kitchenette.

The in-house phone would ring and chances were it was Ellen. Or else the front desk checking on the outstanding rent. Just back from Europe, I was doubly happy hearing Ellen's voice.

Ellen was working away preparing for her part in the upcoming show "Popoccultural" in London, curated by the Cabinet Gallery. It would open at the end of October at the South London Gallery. We were all very excited. A grand scale and a show that united a number of great artists and friends from both sides of the Atlantic. Good people, good work, good spirit. Very inspiring. Couldn't be better. The show of the year.

uscha pohl + ellen cantor
uscha polh + ellen cantor

She had almost completed the first of the planned twin drawings. Massive works, 8 x 10 feet each. They were to describe a passage on many layers of mind, emotions and consciousness.

The first was tumultous, struggling, questioning, wondering, crying for help. Help would come, but how would Snow White know if it was right or wrong. How does one know. How could we ever know. Between moral and social rites, ties, dreams, one's own and other people's, what is real, does one know or can one know?

On this part, Ellen had been working on in her "old" studio in Jersey City. Short of diving back into her previous life she had kept rigid day / night times and managed not to get involved. Now, she was looking to find another environment for the second drawing. It was the fairytale "end" to the story, another stage in the passage. Snow White having "understood," it was the dream of happiness togetherness, wholeness. Fusion. At best it would be reality as well as dream.

The duplex piece was about love, spirituality, belief. Reality versus dream, social or societal versus personal calendar, about fitting in and finding, being lost and searching, hurt and hope. Struggle and peace.