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tricia collins: three poets 1998

GARY S. WHITE lives and teaches elementary school in Tallahassee, Florida. He is married to novelist Pamela Ball. He has been writing poetry for twenty years and has published in various publications in the United States and in England, where he lived and worked on fiction and poetry projects for ten years. Publications include: The Apalachee Quarterly, Tallahassee, Florida and Inverse, London, England

JEREMY SIGLER has recently received his MFA in sculpture, with concentration in poetry, from UCLA in Los Angeles, California. He also holds a BFA in painting from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. An exhibition of his new work opened in September, 1997 at Tricia Collins Grand Salon in New York. He lives in Brooklyn.

ENRIQUE MARTINEZ CELAYA was born in palos, Cuba in 1964 and raised in Madrid and Puerto Rico. In addition to his training in art, which started as a painter's apprentice, he holds a graduate degree in physics, and is the author of five patents, several scientific papers and two poetry books. He teaches in the Department of Art and Art History of Pomona college and the Claremont Graduate School in California. In October, 1996 Martinez Celaya had a solo exhibition at Tricia Collins Grand Salon in New York.