liz deschenes
tricia collins
steven severance
tom rayfiel
paul graham
the reflection, the review, the reaction

Scene of the Crime by Chris Miles
Janine Antoni Kevin Radley
Andy Warhol by Spencer Finch
Kay Rosen by Katerina Gregos
Simon Periton by Adam McEwen
The Salinas Museum by Leopoldo Gout Grautoff
Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Nicole Frantz
Fragments in Times by Munro Galloway
"Booster Up Dutch Courage" by Leonard Bravo
Marta Chilindron by Max Henry
Rramblin' Rrose by S.Korsak
Jenny Marketou : As it Happens by Tina Sotiriadi
"Location to be Announced: A sample of Club Culture Design" by Lynn Crawford
Elliot Warren by Lisa Danbrot
Review of a classical CD by Jonathan Horowitz
Kurt Kauperby Irina Alimanestianu-Chao
Dennis Rodman, with Michael Silver by Nicole Frantz
A conversation with Annie Sprinkle by Shelley F. Marlow
Tom of Finland by Ingrid Calame
Dimitris Antonitsis: My Fair Ma(Lady) by Katerina Gregos
The Magic City Light by Adrienne Day
Patrick Thorne by Max Henry
Intersection by Tina Sotiriadi
Rainer Ganahl: Traveling Linguistics by Francesca D'Antona
A Questionable Solidarity by E.Tage Larsen
Spike Lee, with Ralph Wiley: Best Seat In the House by Carole Wagemans
How many sides to a Triangle by Lockwood Smith
Bill Radawec's "Retro" by Stephanie A.du Tan
Michele Zalopany Lynn Crawford
"Two or Three Places": Nicholas Tobier by Christina Yang
Steve Schmidt: endpapers by Kenny Kugelman
A conversation with Michele Basora by Lee Stotzel
Celluloid Cave by Dara Kiese
Margaret Morgan: clogging the works by Mario Ontiveros
Nikos Kryonidis by Katerina Gregos
Thomas Emde, Isabell Heimerdinger, and Jutta Koether by Carol Treadwell
Nadine de Koenisgwarter by Géraldine Postel
Paul Ramirez-Jonas by Natalie Rivera
Conversation re: Marc Pally by Marcie Begleiter and Terri Friedman
Paul Paiement and Sante by Jeanne Marie Wasilik
What is the Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities by Jean Foster
Luca Buvoli by Max Henry
Suburban Genius @ Up &Co by Uscha Pohl
Inside Out Art Fair by Kenny Schchter
Duane Hanson Alison by McKenzieGreen
Mona Hatoum by John Judge
Roman Signer by Sabine Russ
Serge Conte by Frédéric Fournier
Caroline Feyt by Géraldine Postel
Martin Sjoberg: resuscitation by Susan Otto