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note: last year i had the opportunity to interview mike kelley over two one-hour-long conversations. my intention was to explore kelley's interest in the work of öyvind fahlström, which happens to be the subject of my dissertation project at new york university. (i had been told by fahlström's widow, mrs. sharon avery-fahlström, that in 1975, when still an art student, mike kelley invited fahlström to give a talk at the university of michigan-the specifics of their meeting have been described by kelley in the catalogue of fahlström's exhibition at the kölnischer kunstverein in 1996.) i would like to thank mike kelley for giving his time in the midst of a hectic schedule, to alexis hall for coordinating the interview, karl holmqvist for translating fahlström, and to all the artists involved in the project. i also would like to thank fabienne coron for designing the pages, devon dikeou for ceding space (here, now) and metro pictures, regen projects, david zwirner gallery, 303 gallery and nolan/eckmann gallery for collaborating with us.