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Dennis Balk

Edited for purposes of publication, EMERSON OUTSIDE ISLAM consists of five scenes.


EDDIE CAUTION: A full days growth on his face.

ANNA: Tight-fitting pants outfit, almost uniform like.

LEROY: (Off-stage.) Black male voice-response for Room #27 Frontier Motel

VIOLET: (Off-stage.) Female voice-response for Room #27 Frontier Motel

2 Off-stage figures.

All 5 scenes take place on the same set. A darkened motel room just passed the perimeter of the merged east coast cities. Throughout the evening a thunder storm rolls in. It is raining when the characters arrive. The light from the outside hallway illuminates a thin vertical, translucent window in the door. Inside, next to the door is the room's surveillance and entertainment console, the e-con. When the motel room is lighted we see a room that has several windows with blinds. There is a bed with bed tables and lamps, at least two other chairs, and a telephone. A bathroom door opens into the room, we cannot see into the bathroom. Through the window there is visible a portion of neon signage.


SCENE: The hallway light illuminates an otherwise dark room.

Enter EDDIE with wet rain coat, travel bag, and briefcase. He is concerned that he might have been
followed. He pulls a small gun from a travel bag and tosses the bag on the bed. He places the briefcase in a secure spot after checking the security of the room, he then takes off the raincoat.

EDDIE. (Crossing to the door.) I'm ready for this, come and get me!

EDDIE pulls out his security card and puts it into the slot of the e-con. A couple of lamps go on and we hear a woman's voice. Note: audio for this should come from several spots on the set rather than through the house system.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Welcome to the Frontier Motel, Edward Caution. (Pause.) Welcome to the Frontier Motel, Edward Caution.

EDDIE. Thank you. It's great to be here. My feet hurt.

EDDIE sits on the bed and takes off his shoes to rub his feet.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Edward Caution, can I offer you a personality menu for room number 27?

EDDIE. Can you let me know if someone is outside? That's what I need right now.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. I'm sorry, room number 27 is not equipped for that function. Can I offer you the personality menu now?

EDDIE. Yes. That would be perfect, thank you.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Room number 27 can offer you, (Different voices, very ethnic and stereotypical.) Violet, Aaron, Jose, Maria, Leroy, Genieve, Antonio...

EDDIE. Violet, you're fine... I just need... I need you to keep talking to me, why don't you tell me about yourself.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Thank you Edward Caution. Can I offer you a chat menu at this time?

EDDIE. Why don't you do that Violet that sounds like a good idea.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Edward Caution, Violet can be a comprehensive resource file copyright Rand McNally, Violet, can be all the latest news I personally have 43 networks, Violet, can be your sexual fantasy partner, anything for you Eddie, Violet, can be, your best friend...

EDDIE. That's it Violet! Be my best friend. That's what I want you to do. Can you do that Violet? Why don't you call me Eddie. Can you be my best friend?

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Of course I can be your friend Eddie. Why don't you tell me what's troubling you. I can sense you're upset about something.

EDDIE. That's right... that's good Violet, you're very perceptive aren't you?

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Thank you Eddie. I take that as a compliment coming from you. Now what about it. What's on your mind, your thoughts are awfully fuzzy. I can feel it.

EDDIE. That's an mighty big assumption. Isn't it Violet?

ROOM 27, VIOLET. I'm sorry, did I offend you Eddie?

EDDIE. You assumed I'm not always like this, fuzz is normal, fuzz is good.

ROOM 27, VIOLET. Eddie, we've never kept secrets in the past... now what's troubling you?