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EDDIE. I fucking played it out... and this is where I am... (Pause.) Fucking congratulations Mister... what the fuck are you going to do now?

ROOM 27, VIOLET. This is the Frontier Motel Eddie. Shall I tell you a story Eddie?

Pause. EDDIE opens a travel bag on the bed, searches through it, places the remote (a small communication device with a keypad, you pull on it lengthwise to extend it as an antenna) on the bed. He paces, sits, turns the bedside lamp on and off several times with a pull chain.

EDDIE. We're going to talk Violet... I don't want anymore stories... no more stories... collect the points in the room, gentlemen, crawl inside his head... calculate the next move... careful now... he's turning... turning a corner changing direction different strategy going... it's nothing you expected... he's not going to take it, he sees the options he's going to pass he's going to pass... waiting for you to decide for him... what's the kicker. (Pause.) He wants to hear... he's got to know you'll stand behind him... back up the transaction. He's got his face up your ass. I'm there for you buddy 100% of my abilities. Fucking hard commitment, and Derek fucking Johnson? We'll screw him. Oh we're gonna fuck him... we'll fuck him hard, he's gonna bleed all the way to heaven.


(In confidence.) Help me out here Eddie alright... you and me since day one, since you started putting the pieces together. Basically a sound story alright... here's the thing... since I was a kid you know... the shit comes out of my ass the wrong way you know... (Pause.) It gets all over, you know one side. I gotta wipe and wipe and... I don't know. I never really feel... you know clean. I'm constantly thinking... you know... can he smell that he smells that. Can he smell the shit on me. Am I nuts for telling you this? I trust you Eddie, you gotta help me out with this. (Pause.) Who does he think he is? What's the decision, what's the verdict? Why, who does he want to be! (Pause.) It's being brought up right is what it is. The world has a perfect order, all­down­the­line. You pull the little wings off... you let it fly away, one or the other. Go ahead convince me that I can tell the story. You want to stay in the story? Tell it. Mortal sin. You want out? Crawl off and die. Go breath your fucking precious air somewhere else.


ROOM 27, VIOLET. Eddie, I think I should ask you a few simple questions. (Pause.) Were you sexually abused as a child?

EDDIE. What...

ROOM 27, VIOLET. I want you to be honest with me Eddie. Do you trust me? You haven't answered me Eddie. I'm sure I can help you.

EDDIE. (Violent.) I fucking pray to God! (Pause.) Violet... give me, give me Leroy.

ROOM 27, LEROY. Ed big man. Can I call you Ed? You sound a little lost friend, like you's wound up way out here in the wrong neighborhood. What can I do you for?

EDDIE. Just keep talking to me Leroy. If I don't talk, I think, and it's too late for me to start thinking now.

ROOM 27, LEROY. What you say Ed.

EDDIE. I've got a plan in operation here Leroy, can you tell, does your simulated intuition pick that up?

ROOM 27, LEROY. You say you got a plan then you got a plan.

EDDIE. That's exactly what I've got Leroy. I'm taking control of my future.

EDDIE picks up his remote and turns a knob to increase the volume. "Coordinates please" is what we hear. He places it on a chair in the middle of the room.

ROOM 27, LEROY. A smart man is always looking ahead.

EDDIE. Exactly right Leroy. I couldn't agree with you more. Leroy, did you ever read the Quran, the book of Allah? The Quran repeatedly points at this... this is using the knowledge of the situation. (Pause.) Knowledge is the second most used word, after the name of God, humans are told to use their minds, common sense Leroy, I think in at least 300 places.

ROOM 27, LEROY. That's close Ed, if you'd like a could tell you a few.

EDDIE. I'm going to set this out here. If they want to try to reach me. Fucking let 'um try. There's no way in hell they're going to get my coordinates. I'm out. Tomorrow morning I'll be way passed the perimeter, out in the secondary zone. (Pause.) Talk to me Leroy.

ROOM 27, LEROY. It's good to hear that determination in your voice Ed. That tone says it all.