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EDDIE. That's right. You're looking at a man who has made a major decision and this is exactly what I need to do... for so long. I can't be so bent out with my life. The Corp was too much a part. Muhammad does not encourage duality in living. And that's the best response I can think of.

ROOM 27, LEROY. Muhammad is a big influence out here. Ed, regarding this request on your remote from YouthCorp, would you like me to interface?

EDDIE. Leroy, I'm disappointed, you haven't been listening to me. I do not wish to interface with YouthCorp at this point in time. Is that clear?

ROOM 27, LEROY. Clear. Let me ask you something Ed, for the sake of our conversation.

EDDIE. You got anything in here for sore feet?

ROOM 27, LEROY. I could get you a tub full of hot water, some African oils, you wanna soak your feet Ed?

EDDIE. That sounds like a good idea, why don't you do that. What were you going to ask?

ROOM 27, LEROY. I don't think it's important. Let's get you in a hot bath then we can talk some more.

EDDIE. What did I tell you Leroy. I told you I got to talk.

ROOM 27, LEROY. Well then let me ask you this...

EDDIE. Shoot.

ROOM 27, LEROY. The perimeter toll roads have every bit as much light as the central ones... don't you drive at night? You got bad night vision?

EDDIE. Go ahead, get to the point Leroy. It's not a problem.

ROOM 27, LEROY. It's if you're so fired up about getting yourself out past the perimeter, you know what I mean, why are you stopping here. I gotta say it doesn't add up.

EDDIE. It doesn't add up, Leroy?

ROOM 27, LEROY. I'll fill the tub with hot water, how's that sound?

EDDIE. Don't fill the tub Leroy.

ROOM 27, LEROY. The tub stays dry.

EDDIE. You're a cocksucker, aren't you Leroy.

ROOM 27, LEROY. If you say I am, then I guess I am.

EDDIE. Did I say you were a cocksucker Leroy?

ROOM 27, LEROY. That's what I heard you say.

EDDIE. That is what I said. I said you were a cocksucker. (Pause.) Did it occur to you that you don't have the full equation here? Did you ask yourself what might be missing? I don't think you did Leroy. I think you judged me unfairly.

ROOM 27, LEROY. What else would you like to talk about Ed.

EDDIE. Were you judging me Leroy... second guessing my motives? That stinks Leroy... and here I thought you were my friend.

ROOM 27, LEROY. I am your friend, we're having a conversation.

EDDIE. (Crosses, stops.) Well partner... can I tell you something in private. I can't be sure... (Becomes as small as possible.) the problem is I can't be sure that... that what I'm doing is... is entirely my own idea, my own plan. (Pause, laughs.) That's funny isn't it. (Pause.) I'm going about this like (Becomes huge.) I'm a... supercharger. Zzzooommm. AND THE REAL HERO IS... (Pause.) The rebel anti-hero... he's the real good bad guy... no he's the real bad good guy, the real weak good guy. He turns your stomach... he does doesn't he Leroy... (Sound and gesture of an explosion.) He blows... can't hold it together. Too many of them. His meager fucking ass... it just, it just explodes. And all the shit that comes floating down, all the little jagged pieces... and every one of 'um reflects his face... a billion little faces in a billion different directions... (Pause.) Leroy, my man there is a chance... a slight possibility I'm being manipulated...