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EDDIE. She's not going to pull this off. Are we clear with that? Everybody! We all in agreement!

EDDIE manually takes the remote off-line, it goes silent. This triggers soft-core alarms in the room.

ROOM 27 LEROY. Ed we have a problem here. You shut down a priority surveillance device. You can fire 'um up buddy, but you can't shut em down.

EDDIE. So what!

ROOM 27 LEROY. We'll get past this. That ain't supposed to happen, not out here.

EDDIE. Stay out of my blood Leroy!


ROOM 27, LEROY. Ed, maybe you'd like me to tell you a few things regarding your seminar.

EDDIE. Watch your back Leroy. That's what you gotta know about the seminar... watch your back. She's not going to see this the way I see it now. I believe she's going to want to interface with you my friend. She's gonna see you as the back-up pal. She's a tiger Leroy. She wears her helplessness like a crown to punish without mercy... she's going to figure this out, she'll be up to speed pretty quick here Leroy.

ROOM 27, LEROY. Ed, she'll have a hard time putting you back on the grid, partner. I won't let her go through me.

EDDIE. The Grid is thick Leroy, there's always a way. The Grid is very thick.

EDDIE retrieves a tool (small, nearly-flat pad with wires that have clips on the ends) from his travel bag.

What's gotta happen next. Huh, Leroy? What have I gotta do now?

ROOM 27, LEROY. I'm not clear about that Eddie. We'll just keep talking, right partner? (Pause. Proceeds to disable Leroy
at the wall e-con.) You've disconnected my defense interface Eddie. You must be very talented. Was I not a good
conversation partner? Your methionine levels are performing very well. Ok now Eddie. Not a bit of trouble.

EDDIE. Can't have you around when she gets here Leroy. You gotta see that.

ROOM 27, LEROY. Eddie my man, I thought we'd built a considerable amount of trust... I felt it... didn't you feel it?

EDDIE. It's not that I don't trust you Leroy, I'm not doing this to hurt your feelings.


ROOM 27, LEROY. I honestly think you should think this over... Eddie...

EDDIE. No thinking Leroy. No thinking.

ROOM 27, LEROY. What Ed... (Leroy's voice drops in tone and drags out.) What are you doing at the console?

EDDIE. You gotta see my side of the situation Leroy. What would you do if you were in my situation?

ROOM 27, LEROY. Please don't do this Ed. Your feet still hurting you man, let me get you that hot... (Voice turns into a tone, then silence.)

EDDIE. Watch your back Leroy. Watch your back.

EDDIE methodically turns off all the lights except for the bedside lamp, positions himself on the bed facing the door, lights a cigarette and turns off the last light. He waits in the dark.

Small spot holds to his face. Fade to black